A reminder on the role of a Ground Steward

Football Federation SA (FFSA) provides the following reminder on the role a Ground Steward has to play at all matches, every weekend throughout a season.

Number of Ground Stewards

Three Ground Stewards must be appointed per team for a Senior or Reserve Grade fixture in our Senior Men's competition and all Women's, Under 18's and Junior matches must have one Ground Steward per team named on a team sheet. *If a Senior match is played at a venue which is not fenced, five ground stewards will be required per team.

Role of a Ground Steward

The primary role of a Ground Steward is that they monitor the behaviour of their own players and spectators and to assist the Match Officials.

Otherwise, Ground Stewards are also responsible for the following;

- The Ground Steward/s is to ensure that only players and officials enter the player’s race and/or changing room at all times.

- The Ground Steward/s from each team are responsible for ensuring that only the substitutes and nominated club officials are present in their team’s technical area.

- The Ground Steward/s is to accompany the Match Officials off the field of play at half-time and at the conclusion of the game. Once the whistle has been blown for half-time and full-time, the Ground Steward/s is to enter the field of play and accompany the match officials off the field.

- The Ground Steward is to continue in their role up until the Match Officials have left the field of play and are inside the changing rooms at the conclusion of the match. If requested the Ground Stewards may be required to escort the match officials from the dressing room to their car.

An appointed Ground Steward must wear the vest provided by FFSA at all times during a match. 

Do's and Don'ts

Some of the 'Do's' and 'Don'ts' of being appointed as a Ground Steward are as follows:

- Prior to the commencement of the game, the Ground Steward/s is to introduce themselves to the Match Officials where the match officials will provide further direction.

- The Ground Steward is to wear the Ground Steward vest provided by FFSA at all times while undertaking the role.

- If the venue is fenced, the Ground Steward is to be positioned inside of the fence in the area that their own spectators are located or as directed by the Match Official.

- While acting in the role of Ground Steward, the person is not a spectator and consequently should not question the decisions of the Match Officials.

- A Ground Steward should at no time become involved in any verbal or physical altercations.

- A Ground Steward should not approach opposition supporters and/or Club Officials, this should be undertaken by the opposing team’s Ground Stewards.

- While acting in the role of a Ground Steward, the person is not to consume alcohol or smoke.

-  If a person is appointed as a Ground Steward, this is the only role that they are to undertake on the day.

- A Ground Steward is not to enter the field of play during the match unless directed to do so by the Match Official or where there are exceptional circumstances such as an assault on a Match Official.

- If a Ground Steward does encounter any issues or concerns, the Ground Steward's Incident Report Form is to be completed and provided to the Club, the completed form is to be submitted into FFSA. Please note that FFSA can only address issues if they are reported.