Positions available to join the Football SA State Referee Committee

Football SA are seeking suitably qualified people to nominate for a position on the Football SA State Referees Committee for the 2021 season.

The committee is to be comprised of between five and seven members, with representation coming from across refereeing and non-refereeing community.

The role of the committee is to address state referee related issues which may include but is not limited to;

  • Contribute to the development of refereeing including policies, procedures, and strategies to ensure the effective and efficient management of the operational refereeing structures in South Australia;
  • Contribute to the development strategies for the recruitment of new match officials and the retention of existing match officials, including Assessors and Instructors in conjunction with the Referees Development Manager and Football SA;
  • Monitoring, supervise and assess registered match officials undertaking community level qualifications;
  • Identification of match officials to undertake further programs and recognition at the national level; and
  • Oversee the Youth Development Pathway for Match Officials in South Australia including the nomination of SA officials to national youth tournaments

 Please nominate through the following link - State Referee Committee by COB 1st February 2021.