Iain Gossland

W.I.S. (Iain) Gossland *


As a member for distinguished contribution

Inducted 2008

Migrated to Australia in 1967 from Glasgow, Scotland

Contributed to the game of football as an Administrator, Life member SAASL and SASF

Member of the SAASL Management Committee 1975 to 2002, President 1978 to 1996, initiated the formation of the SA Amateur League Referees Assoc in 1978, appointed interim Chairman 1978 and Referee Appointments Secretary 1978 to 1993. Member of the SASF Board 1982 to 1991 and Member of the SASF Players Appeals Committee in 1992 and First President of the Australian (National) Amateur Soccer Assoc 1977


Associated with the game of football in South Australia since 1973