BORAL WNPLSA Finals Series | Week 1 Preview

WNPL Week 1

Our WNPLSA Boral Finals Series gets underway tonight at VALO Football Centre, with tickets at $7 for Adults, $5 for concession and 16 & under free entry.

Salisbury Inter vs Adelaide University
Venue: VALO Football Centre
Date: 30/08/2019 06:00 PM

This may be the most anticipated Elimination Final of WNPLSA history. Salisbury Inter had a fantastic season, finishing in 3rd spot and securing a finals debut. Adelaide Uni however have been an unstoppable side of late, and look to continue their hot form.

Adelaide are used to Finals Football and will know what the nerves will feel like in the lead up to kick-off. Coach Kosta Jaric has created a well-drilled squad this season. Uni have not lost a league game since June 14, when they went down to Adelaide City 3-1. Since then they have had 4 wins and 3 draws, including holding Adelaide City to their only draw of the season. Uni finished the season as the strongest of the 2nd-4th placed teams and will look to keep their underdog status with a dramatic win over the Inter side.

Inter enter their first finals match in the clubs history tonight but for some of their players, it is familiar territory. Emily Condon, Romy Franceschilli, Captain Chantelle Ryder and even coach Tracey Jenkins all know what finals fever feels like and are ready to battle it out against Uni. Condon and Ryder will know the likes of star Uni player Laura Johns, as the trio used to all line up at Adelaide Uni together, under Tracey Jenkins.

This match will be close. There is no doubt about it! All three of the encounters between the two sides this season have been a 1 goal win to either side, with two of the matches coming down to stoppage time winners!. Expect the same results tonight, with even a big chance of extra-time for this encounter!

Salisbury Inter line-up: 1. Sian Mclaren (GK), 2. Melanie Comyns, 3. Hannah Custance, 5. Esther M Heywood-smith, 6. Chantelle Ryder (C), 8. Nicole Calder, 10. Emily Condon, 11. Nicola Frazzetto, 14. Jasmine Hurst, 15. Sarah Taylor, 17. Romy Franceschilli, 19. Lilly Rydon, 20. Erin Hood, 25. Sinead Parobiec, 33. Rebecca White, 43. Sofia Tipouikidis
Coaches: Tracey Jenkins, Darran King, Brad Donovan, Phil Hallard
Team Staff: Tamara Simeoni, Kim Hood, Josh Mitise

Adelaide University line-up: 1. Evelyn Goldsmith (GK), 2. Elle Pirintzis, 3. Elysha Magor, 4. Gemma Macfarlane, 7. Mia Lundquist, 10. Georgia Iannella, 11. Laura Johns (C), 12. Georgia Box, 13. Mabel Day, 14. Pirrie Weeks, 20. Xiaoxing Bachmann, 22. Elyse Moon, 23. Alysia Panagakos, 30. Mawa Sumaoro, 37. Chloe Craig, 50. Manamen Sumaoro
Coaches: Kosta Jaric, Andrej Djakovic, Mark Bosio
Team Staff: Giorgio Profiris, Thiago Pinheiro, Eleni Vosnakis, Alex Macdonald

West Adelaide will have to keep out an in-form Chelsie Dawber, who shot 4 past them last Friday night.

Adelaide City FC vs West Adelaide
Venue: VALO Football Centre
Date: 30/08/2019 08:15 PM

Adelaide City and West Adelaide will battle it out once again in tonight’s Qualifying Final after City thrashed West 6-1 in last Friday’s Cup Final. West Adelaide will be out for redemption and big shock upset over City tonight. Having played each other 4 times already this season, the bragging rights are two-a-piece.

Adelaide City have completed a fairy-tale season. First, they won the Premiership for the first time in their history, they finished the regular season with 101 goals scored and a record total points for the WNPL. They have then gone and won the Cup too!. A win tonight will put them into the big dance on September 14. No WNPL club has completed the trifecta of League, Cup, and Championship, however, City are only 2 wins away from making even more history in 2019.

West Adelaide will be out for redemption tonight. Having lost their last two encounters against City, Coach Adrian Santrac would have been analysing the footage immensely over the last 7 days to ensure he has the edge over the City defence. West finished the season with the best defence, having conceded only 19 goals throughout.

Although last week’s result was 6-1 in favour of City, expect this match to be a close encounter and West to be fighting right to the end. The winner of the match will go straight to the Grand Final, while the loser will get a second chance next week against the winner of the Elimination Final.

Adelaide City FC line-up: 1. Kendall Jenner (GK), 2. Alicia Nickolas, 3. Matilda Mcnamara, 4. Daniela Di Bartolo, 5. Alyce Macauley, 6. Nora Peat, 7. Isabel Hodgson, 8. Dylan Holmes, 10. Chelsie Dawber, 12. Georgia Campagnale, 13. Alison Atkins, 15. Bianca Gray, 16. Isobel Dahlen-Flight, 17. Tiarn Powell (C), 19. Daphne Mcleod, 33. Nanako Sasaki, 50. Lea Ann Cutshall (GK)
Coaches: Andrew Calderbank, Mitchell Daly, Brian Gale
Team Staff: Seymour Di Bartolo, Rachael Jaensch, Corrie Abbey

West Adelaide line-up: 2. Elena Psaroulis, 4. Abby Touchette, 5. Christie Hillyer, 8. Georgia Macri, 10. Chrissa Pavlomanolakos, 11. Emily Hodgson, 12. Nicole Tilley, 14. Katerina Mattheou, 15. Anna Pritchard, 17. Dragana Kljajic, 19. Mina Nishitani, 22. Alexandra Ladas, 23. Justine Hall (GK), 28. Siena Covino, 29. Nenita Burgess, 38. Harriet Burnett
Coaches: Adrian Santrac, Paul Giannaras, Christina Papageorgiou, Eric Sialas
Team Staff: Julie Ocego-Kingsley, Carla Magnera, Vasilios Pantelis