Cetrangolo Takes Charge of FFSA Referees

Football Federation SA (FFSA) is pleased to announce the appointment of recently retired FIFA assistant referee, Paul Cetrangolo as South Australia’s Elite Referee Coach for 2018.

Paul brings considerable experience at both National and International level to the role.

When speaking about the appointment, Paul highlighted the opportunity it provides to bring new ideas to the role and further raise the standards of refereeing in South Australia,

“I am excited to be given this opportunity to lead and coach South Australia’s referees.

I have been fortunate to be involved in refereeing in this state for 23 years and as I have now retired from international commitments, I would like to spend some time putting back into the development and guidance of referees.

I have collected a wide range of experiences with my involvement in refereeing both locally and internationally and I would like to use this knowledge to help grow new and existing referees so that we can improve the game in this state.”

Paul took time to acknowledge the work of previous coach, Craig Zetter and discussed the importance of building on relationships with clubs,

“I would like to acknowledge the work that my good friend Craig Zetter performed in this role previously as he developed a very strong base of referees with an exceptional skill set. I’m fortunate to inherit a well-coached group whom I can now work with to hopefully become even better.

I’m looking forward to working with the clubs and coaches to also develop strong communication lines so that we can make the game an even better spectacle going forward.”

When asked of the appointment FFSA CEO Michael Carter mentioned,

“Paul’s credentials and experience locally and internationally will bring a great deal to the role. I am sure that our referees will gain a wealth of knowledge from Paul.

We have the opportunity to look at what we have done in the past, review what has worked and what has not and have a new set of eyes set a path for the future.

Paul is an excellent communicator and building relationships will be a focus of his role.”

Paul will begin his role immediately and focus his attentions to SA’s current top referees whilst also identifying and training the next generation ready for elite competitions in SA and Australia.

Paul will meet with the 2018 Panel Referees on Wednesday to outline his direction for the 2018 season.