COVID-19 Update | 24 March 2020

An update from Football SA CEO, Michael Carter
Tuesday, March 24 2020

I write to provide you with an update from a Football South Australia point of view as we try and navigate our way through some pretty uncertain times for the game in South Australia and Nationally. I hope that you are managing the current situation and I can assure you all that my team are happy to provide support when and where required to assist you in your roles.

Government have and will continue to implement measures to manage the spread of COVID-19. As a game, we are following these developments as we move towards the April 14 date whereby we have suspended all football related activities. Regular meetings are taking place between Member Federations, the FFA and relevant government authorities to ensure we have the latest information at hand.

From a state perspective, I can assure that we have and continue to make decisions in the best interest of the game. We have acted swiftly to review expenses and manage the business. Importantly we are focused on returning to play in 2020 if permitted. Football South Australia staff have modelled a range of scenarios for return to play and if permitted we are very confident that we can manage the season accordingly. As promised last week we will be arranging a series of meetings that will take place early next week and details will be issued in the next two days.

From a club perspective (an many of you would be doing this already) it is suggested that you contact your local government authority to discuss a freeze on venue related expenses including but not limited to rent/ground maintenance/water and electricity. If you would like to discuss further please do not hesitate to contact either Wendy Carter, George Georganas, Steven Ireland or myself.

Finally, please stay safe.

Michael Carter
Football SA CEO