FFSA Regional squads arrive in Fiji ahead of Ultimate Fiji Cup

Football Federation SA's regional teams have arrived in Fiji ahead of the Ultimate Fiji Cup 2018, which begins on Monday. 

A total of 72 players have made the trip to make up 4 squads, which is the largest number of regional teams to represent FFSA in a single tournament. 

Two U17 squads (boys and girls) and two U15 squads (boys and girls) landed in Nadi yesterday.

Players from all over regional South Australia are part of the group, including players from Port Lincoln, Mount Gambier, Broken Hill and the Riverland. 

The final squads have been preparing for the tournament since April, attending regional camps in Wallaroo and Westminster College in Adelaide.

Football Federation SA's Matt Mays is excited about the week ahead. 

"We are extremely proud to have so many of our regional players get the chance to represent our state. There is some great talent in these areas and we are certainly excited to see these players blossom in testing conditions over the next ten days.

Keep up to date with all of our teams fixtures and results on the Ultimate Fiji Cup results page.

While in Fiji, FFSA will be paying a tribute to the late Mikayla Eastwood, who represented the state at this tournament in previous years. 

Football Federation SA would like to wish all players and officials the best of luck in Fiji over the coming days.

Ultimate Fiji Cup - FFSA Regional Squads - Full Team Lists

FFSA Boys Seniors (U17)
Trae Webb
Mattias Lehman
Eli Petersen
Jackson Kurtz
Brodie White
Kobe Rosser
Harry Wilson
Finn Bucco
Jonathan Daly
Tyler Michielan
Kailen Challinger
Toby Jessup
Jackson Jamieson
Devan Canty
Oscar Coote
Jayden Dunstone
Tom Van Riet
Danny Campbell

Coach: Steve Mutlow
Team Manager: Ben Howard

FFSA Boys Youth (U15)
Jiah Huppatz
Toby Christiansen
Max Prior
Nathaniel Doyle
Benjamin Roberts
Aaryan Ghimire
Naheem Seiler-Simmons
Ryan Satchell
Brodie Griggs
Hayden Mackenzie
Patrick Cummings
Sirak Gehling
James Good
Adil Eltahir
Peter Hronopoulos
Henry Price
Alex Hill
Connor Prior

Coach: Andreas Michaelides
Team Manager: Matt Mays (FFSA)

FFSA Senior Girls (U17)
Ella Homer
Alicia Sims
Emma Hocking
Jazmin Callegher
Nadia Metzger
Talya Hoysted
Kali Langley (GK)
Lauren Frost
Willow Griggs
Letita (Lily) Izzo
Alannah Corman
Ella Doody
Alexis Lunnay
Madison Schenk
Stef Lang
Zoe Witkowski
Layne Beveridge
Elisa Bosio

Coach: Chrissa Pavlomanolakos 
Team Manager: Julie Ocego-Kingsley

FFSA Girls Youth (U15)
Alice Gregory
Claudia Kennedy
Chelsea Frost (GK)
Chelsea Mifsud
Ellie Seaton
Holly Amos
Ilana Biffin
Jada Hill
Jessica Mugford
Jordyn Walsh
Sarah Synnott
Lara Quinn
Molly Stringer
Ruby Homer
Shayla McKay
Nicole Pavlomanolakos
KiraLee Guthrie
Kate Seaton

Coach: Eleni Vosnakis
Team Manager: James Kerr

Physio: Ric Wojciechowski
FFSA Official: Jake Brindley