"Whole of Football" Financial Relief Package

Football South Australia has been working closely with the South Australian Government to unlock a financial relief package designed to support clubs and associations following the temporary suspension of competitions as a result of COVID-19. It is vital that as a sport we can resume activities and competitions as we reboot our operations. As acknowledged by all levels of Government, the sport will play a vital role in the physical and mental wellbeing of our significant player participation base.

On Friday 22 May 2020, the South Australian Government provided written confirmation to Football SA that it would receive $490,000 from the Community and Jobs Support Fund.  The fund is designed to support clubs to resume activities and return to competitions. The State Government funding of $490,000 has been further enhanced by a financial contribution of up to $350,000 from Football South Australia. The financial relief package is a “Whole of Football Package” worth up to $840,000 and will assist in resuming competitions later this month.

Below is a summary of the package:

Whole of Football Package

Fee Relief:

Senior Men’s & Women’s Club Affiliation Fees

Clubs participating in Semi-Professional Competitions (Men’s and Women’s) will have affiliation fees for the 2020 season credited against their club’s account.

Insurance Cover

Football SA in partnership with the South Australian State Government will cover affiliated clubs and association Public Liability, Directors and Officers and Player Insurance for the 2020 season.

Junior Team Registration Fees (Boys and Girls)

Football SA will not charge junior team registration fees in season 2020.

Community Women’s Team Registration Fees

Football SA will not charge community women’s team registration fees in season 2020.

LIGR Live Stream Advertising

Clubs participating in the National Premier League and/or Women’s National Premier League will be able to advertise their sponsors on the live stream for home matches at no cost for the 2020 season.  This will assist clubs in providing promotional exposure and benefits to your sponsors and partners and in doing so provide a value-add opportunity to further financial return.

The advertising space will be split between the home team and Football SA 50/50.

Match Official Reduction in Fees

Football SA confirms that a reduction in referee fees across Football SA coordinated competitions will be passed onto clubs for the remainder of season 2020. Registered referees to Football SA have agreed to a total reduction in match payments of $60,000 and this figure will be further enhanced with a $55,000 contribution by Football SA. The total saving represents a 30 per cent reduction in Referee Fees for the Semi-Professional Competition and between 10 and 15 per cent across community leagues for the 2020 season.

Football SA is appreciative of the economic and social impact COVID-19 has had on our football community. The financial relief package is designed to assist the code reboot itself as we return to competitions later this month for juniors and community competitions and early in July for the semi-professional men’s competition. The total financial package has been significantly underpinned and made possible as a result of the South Australian State Government’s continued support for Football in the State, and I know you will join me in sincerely thanking them on behalf of the football community.

The support and cooperation of clubs, associations and Referees within the State has been first-rate. The considered and unified approach of leaders within the code has ensured we are very well placed to provide much-needed activity for all participants and clubs in the 2020 season. 

Kind Regards

Michael Carter