Football SA Teams Set For Singa Cup

This weekend saw 6 representative teams, including 5 regional teams, head off to Singapore to compete in the 2019 SingaCup, which takes place annually in Singapore.

The teams, consisting of one U12, three U14 and two U16 girls and boys squads, have all travelled to Singapore to represent South Australia in the tournament.

The tournament kicked off today and is scheduled to wrap up on November 8, with South Australia’s teams beginning their fight for the top spots in their relevant divisions earlier this morning.  

The SingaCup started in 2011, and sees teams travel from various parts of Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Thailand, as well as from across the host team Singapore.

It is considered Asia’s premier International youth football tournament due to its widespread success.

Last year saw 120 teams participate and it is expected that this year’s turn out will be similar.

We wish all teams the best of luck!


The squad lists are as follows:

Under 12 Boys

Kade Turnbull

Baylin Crouch

Dylan Sinnott

Fergus Kentish

Freddie Mueller

Edward Elton

Harper Bromson

Harrison Seiboth

Harvey Scott

Jordan Lindquist

Ethan McCrorie

Keegan Eatts

Kia Bettany

Matthew Barnard

Mitchell Cawse

Nicholas Teodoro

Coach: Nick Morony

Team Manager: Linda Shepherd


Football SA Under 14 Boys

Oscar Grasselli

Oscar Hastings

Sebastian Crisafi

Athan Papagiannopoulos

Patrick Aronis

Brandon Pepper

Kairo Felix

Remy Semenov

Dion Petropoulos

Jack Lashchuk

Harrison Cavallaro

Sean Garrett

Aiden Kim

Daniel Snobl

Noah Mathews

Coach: Richie Alagich


Under 14 Boys

Mojtaba Ali

Bradyen Stewart

Gregory Vlachos

Riley Brook

Jett Tonkin

Jordan Gadaleta

Kalan Brooks

Mitchell Cornolo

Seth Michielan

Oscar Elmslie

Samuel Montgomery-Pittway

Wayne Haseldine

Zac Sneddon

Luca Altamura

Coach: Rod DelNido


Under 16 Boys

Henry Price

Aayran Ghimire

Austin Rossi

Brodie Dowling

Brodie Griggs

Evan Wade

Jiah Huppatz

Lachlan Lindquist

Matthew Daly

Naheem Seiler-Simmons

Patrick Cumming

Tyson Ratcliff

Ryan Satchell

Sirak Gehling

Toby Christiansen

Noah Smith

Coach: Andreas Michealadis


Under 14 Girls

Ailin Marshall

Amber Blakely

Amelia Koumarakos

Claire Scarpin

Emma Lang

Gracen Blieschke

Hayley Needs

Lana Sheperd

Leah McDonnell

Olivia Gwilym

Rose Elston

Savannah-Rose Daniels

Sherlyn Marshall

Violet Elston

Ashlyn Hewitt

Emily Bouchereau

Coach: Eleni Vosnakis

Team Manager: Alysia Panagakos


Under 16 Girls

Alice Gregory

Charlotte Jacobs

Chelsea Frost

Marisa Doufos

Claudia Kennedy

Elisa Bosio

Eliza Stone

Ella Doody

Ellie Seaton

Jessica Mugford

Kate Seaton

Nicoletta Pavlomanolakos

Sarah Synnott

Tessie Mitchell

Billie Jenkins

Coach: Chrissa Pavlomanolakos

Team Manager: Carla Magnera