FSA Development Centres: Inspiring the Next Football Generation

Football South Australia recently hosted an exhilarating training weekend at Service FM Stadium, on October 7th and 8th, bringing together over 60 junior players from regional areas. This event, led by the Technical Director, Michael Cooper, and supported by dedicated regional coaches, was a testament to the commitment of FSA towards nurturing young football talent.

Over 60 junior players from regional areas attended the FSA Regional Development Centre weekend at ServiceFM Stadium

The FSA Regional Development Centres, a specialized program catering to club-based players aged 8-13 years, plays a pivotal role in the organization. The program offers weekly training sessions and unique experiences like this one, aiming to unite the state through the love of football and development of new talents.

Throughout the weekend, the young players engaged in intensive training sessions, interactive workshops, and thrilling game plays. This immersive experience not only honed their football skills but also instilled important values such as teamwork, dedication, and sportsmanship. The event was met with enthusiasm by both players and parents, highlighting the success of FSA's initiative.

Christian Fleetwood, the regional development officer of Limestone Coast, shared his perspective on the impact of such initiatives. 

"Through experiences like the Development Centre training weekend, our young footballers are learning how to perform as athletes and to expect more from themselves. By attending the sessions at ServiceFM Stadium and being mentored by Michael Cooper, they are learning to see themselves as capable of more. This is fantastic for their development as footballers and as people."

Likewise, Luke Marinkovich, the regional development officer of Eyre Peninsula, emphasized the positive influence of the Regional Development Centres. 

"The Regional Development Centres have shown a massive impact on regional football communities, providing them access to higher levels of coaching and learning about the world game. Through the mentoring of Technical Director Michael Cooper, participants have shown great improvement from their starting points, and have been successful in taking this back to their club trainings and games."

Angus Wheaton, the regional development officer of Adelaide Hills, also highlighted the impact of the program in his region. 

"The Adelaide Hills Regional Development Centre has taken on board around 40 young players this year. Response from players and parents has been very good, with several players taking their game to new levels. Players have also taken the opportunity to attend other programs, such as the C DIiloma course, where young local goalkeepers worked with National Youth Team GK coach Neil Tate. About 20 players attended the Gala Day and were coached by the Regional Development Coaches and Michael Cooper. Feedback about the event was excellent, and we look forward to working together again."

Looking ahead, FSA has ambitious plans for 2024, aiming to expand the program by adding two metro centres. The organization envisions bringing all centres together throughout the year for further development experiences.

If you are interested in being part of FSA Development Centres, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact Owen Gallas at owen.gallas@footballsa.com.au. Join us in shaping the future of football in South Australia.