Futsal SA Workshop at the ARC Campbelltown

Friday the 28th of September saw Coach Education Manager Cristiano Dos Santos conduct a Futsal Workshop at the ARC Campbelltown. 

The workshop included state coaches and other coaches who compete in Futsal SA's competitions, focusing on the technical aspect of Futsal. 

This included:

  • Passing 
  • Trapping - controlling the ball
  • Shooting - different techniques including laces, outside and inside the foot, and top of the foot.

Cristiano was ecstatic about the approach from Futsal SA, as they were keen to learn from the Coach Education Manager. It also brought a sense of excitement to Cristiano, as he was able to conduct his workshop with coaches ready to learn more about the game. 

The workshop was for preparation heading into the 2018 Futsal season, but Cristiano plans to move it earlier in 2019 to give coaches more time to prepare before the upcoming season.   

Cristiano would like to thank Futsal SA for reaching out to FFSA and their eagerness to conduct a Futsal Workshop at The ARC Campbelltown. 

Futsal SA Workshop
Cristiano Dos Santos with all coaches who attended the Futsal Workshop at The ARC Campbelltown (FFSA, 2018)