#HistoryMakers Episode 10 | West Adelaide SC

#HistoryMakers Episode 10 | West Adelaide SC

The principle founder of the club in 1962, under the name of 'Hellas,' was a Mr. A. Hatzi-Stathi, who along with others created the club after the demise of the Olympic Club.

'Hellas' had many names over the years including the 'Adelaide Sharks' but are now known as West Adelaide Soccer Club. 

The club, who played all its games at Hindmarsh prior to and during their national league campaign, entered the NSL in its inaugural year of 1977, going on to win the competition just 12 months later, in what is known as the greatest achievement in the club's history. 

We hear from club legends who talk about the good old days and the Greek influence at the club, plus hear an emotional story from a current club coach who the had his life saved after suffering a heart attack at training. 

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