NPLSA Round 11 Preview


Raiders vs Para Hills Knights
Venue: Croatian Sports Centre
Date: Friday 2 October 8:15PM

Match Officials: Daniel Cook (Referee), Alexander Diamond & Angus MacDonald (Assistant Referees)

Raiders have been well and truly out of sorts over the past few weeks, with no victories to show from their last six matches, but tonight’s fixture with the last placed Knights presents an opportunity to snap their winless streak.

Raiders had shared the spoils in all bar one of their previous five matches, with a 1-0 loss to Cumberland United their only defeat in that time, but they were hammered 4-0 by Comets last week to send them down to eighth.

The Knights were gallant in their 3-2 loss to a strong Campbelltown City outfit, but the unfortunate reality is that they are now eight points adrift of 11th.

If Raiders are to challenge for finals this season, and they remain in a strong position to do so, three points against the bottom side is a must, while wins are a necessity from here until the end of the season for the Knights.

Raiders line-up: 2. Jacob Lever, 3. Nikola Jurkovic, 4. Paul Blefari (C), 5. Adam Van Dommele, 6. Noah Holmes, 7. Mohammed Sumaoro, 8. Joseph Costa, 9. Alun Webb, 11. David Carosi, 13. Nicholas Munro (GK), 14. Oliver Zafiridis, 16. Sallu Kamara, 17. Thomas Brown, 44. Kalilou Kamara, 99. Emanuel Philip

Coaches: Nikica Kuzman, Terry Westwood

Team Staff: Lisa Feleppa

Para Hills Knights line-up: Jordan Findlay, Ryan Hanson, Ethan Lekkas, Mutuza Binyangi, Paul Wilson, 2. Will Hendon, 4. Kieran Mcnally, 8. Luka Chikwuba, 9. Mohamed Conneh, 10. Isaac Mullen, 13. Jagajeet shrestha Shrestha, 14. Lochlan Czapla, 16. Tito Bontor, 18. Franz Pjetri, 19. Logan Marley-Mcfall, 24. Stephan Travaglione

Coaches: Theodoros Tsiounis, Kosta Dimopoulos

Team Staff: John Vu

Image: Croydon Kings

Croydon Kings vs Adelaide Comets
Venue: Jack Smith Park
Date: Friday 2 October 8:15PM

Match Officials: Isabella Blaess (Referee), Daniel Goodwin & Nick Elagin (Assistant Referees)

It’s the Kings hosting the Comets tonight under lights in what promises to be the match of the round, with the hosts sitting just four points behind their ladder leading opponents.

The Kings have come from the clouds in their rise to third, recovering from an inconsistent stretch of results to now boast five wins on the trot which includes their 5-1 thrashing of MetroStars last weekend.

Comets bounced back from consecutive losses in Round 10, dispatching of Raiders 4-0 to maintain their grip on first place for now.

With five rounds still to play and five points separating the top four, Comets will be wary of the sides beneath them, which include their opponents tonight, clamouring for their position at the top.

Croydon Kings line-up: 1. Sebastian Matosevic, 2. John Panagaris, 3. Filimon Asefa, 5. Luke Klimek (C), 6. Domenic Costanzo, 7. Kur Kur, 8. Adam Martinello, 9. Nathan Munro, 11. Antoni Trimboli, 12. Christopher Vivian, 14. Peter Mercurio, 15. Joseph Macheda, 17. Kelvin Kamburu, 18. Jarrod Brazzale, 19. Raymond Muhoma, 20. Jared Clark, 21. John Hall (GK), 23. patrick caraccia

Coaches: Angelo Costanzo, Maurice Natale, Latham Byfield

Team Staff: Mario Catalano, Joshua Avery

Adelaide Comets line-up: 1. Julian Torresan, 3. Manley Barnett, 4. Tom Dittmar, 5. Adam Le Cornu, 6. Jack Bladen, 7. Tete Yengi, 8. Ryan Yates, 9. Andreas Wiens, 10. Anthony Mavrolambados, 11. Jayden LoBasso, 14. Nathan Andijanto, 15. Konstandinos Tsalamangos, 16. Ninko Beric, 17. Lansana Smith, 18. Nathan Dimou, 21. Thomas Giannakopoulos, 22. Allan Welsh (C), 23. Scott Nagel, 31. Daniel Vaughan (GK), 77. Chris Christofilos

Coaches: Barney Smith, Konstandinos Antoniou, Antonios Galanopoulos, Matthew Bates

Team Staff: Evangelo Katsambis, Emma Gericke, Elsie Kenny



Modbury Jets vs MetroStars
Venue: Smith Partners Stadium
Date: Saturday 3 October 3:00PM

Match Officials: Andrew Kite (Referee), Cole Davy & Jackie Megson (Assistant Referees)

MetroStars will enter their contest with the Jets with a fire in their bellies that has burned since their calamitous defeat at the hands of the Kings last week.

The 5-1 loss gave their percentage a kicking and, most importantly, saw them cede second place, sliding down to fourth and five points behind Comets.

The Jets managed to collect a point away from home against finals challenger Adelaide City, but remain in 11th level on points with Adelaide United.

MetroStars will be eager to rebound from their disappointing result last week and continue to push the sides within striking distance above them, while a win for the Jets would be a major boost for their hopes of escaping the bottom of the ladder.

Modbury Jets line-up: 1. Kieran Griffiths (GK), 2. Zack Gomez, 3. Thomas Veart, 5. Daniel Pritchard, 10. Jesse Francesca, 11. Dylan Tripodi, 12. Cameron O'Doherty, 13. Daniel Ditroia, 14. Donovan Pollock, 16. Peter Terminello, 17. Brandon Centofanti, 20. Declan Burchell (GK), 26. Shaun Mcgreevy, 27. Michael Doyle, 29. Paul Radice

Coaches: Nigel Gill, Raymond Coull

Team Staff: Ric Wojciechowski

MetroStars line-up: 1. Isaac Carmody (GK), 3. Cohan Morris, 4. Justin Davis, 5. Timothy Henderson, 8. Rocky Callisto, 9. Thomas Strain, 10. Anthony Solagna (C), 11. Luis Benedetti, 12. Benjamin Head, 14. Dylan Smith, 16. Kyle Crout, 17. Matthew Dawber, 18. Fabian Barbiero, 19. Cooper O'Donnell, 20. Joshua Mori, 21. Alessio Melisi, 22. Hamish Gow, 23. Christian Esposito, 24. Nahuel Bonada, 45. Jayden Spruyt

Coaches: Robert Saraceno, Travis Dodd, Nicholas Bouzalas

Team Staff: Giorgio Capoccia, Joseph Polisena, Peter Terminello, George Laoutaris


Campbelltown City vs Adelaide United FC
Venue: Steve Woodcock Sports Centre
Date: Saturday 3 October 3:00PM

Match Officials: Garry Powers (Referee), Joe-Jordan Tripodi & Tom Brinkworth (Assistant Referees)

City narrowly escaped a disastrous result last week, holding on for a nervy 3-2 victory at Para Hills, and will be keen to boost their premiership hopes further with a win against United.

The home side’s win saw them leapfrog the defeated MetroStars and reclaim second place from the side that had humbled them 5-1 a fortnight prior.

United, meanwhile, will have been disappointed to draw with the inconsistent Blue Eagles after back-to-back 4-0 wins which lifted them above the Jets into tenth and within six points of the mid-table scramble.

Defeat for City would likely see them relinquish second place once again, while a similar result for United threatens to drag them back towards the bottom of the ladder.

Campbelltown City line-up: 1. Jamie Signorello, 2. Shaun Harvey (C), 3. Blake Carpenter, 4. Connor Centofanti, 5. Matthew Mullen, 6. Dion Kirk, 7. Joel Allwright, 8. Alexander Mullen, 9. Marc Marino, 10. Luigi Ditroia, 11. Joshua Barresi, 12. Nicholas Francese, 14. Adam Piscioneri, 15. Antony Piscioneri, 16. Daniel Mullen, 20. Nicholas Harpas (GK), 23. Jake Halliday

Coaches: Iain Fyfe, Corey Artone, Leslie  Pogliacomi

Team Staff: Panfilo Ciccocioppo, David Cavaiuolo, Elio Bria

Adelaide United FC line-up: Adelaide United FC line-up: Musa Toure, Terence Lynch, Mohamed Toure, Jackson Walls, Massimo Falco, Kane Vidmar, Jaxson Bullen, Adam Leombruno, Jonny Yull, Louis D’arrigo, Alhassan Toure, Jaiden Diamantis, Summer Justham, Calum Campbell, Panashe Madanha, Ethan Alagich, Steven Hall, 2. Cooper Nunn, 5. Noah Smith, 7. Taras Gomulka, 8. Jai King, 10. Kusini Yengi, 12. Yared Abetew, 13. Daniel Bressan, 14. Binyam Kebede, 15. Alexandar Popovic, 18. Lachlan Brook, 24. Pacifique Niyongabire, 25. Michael Cittadini, 36. Noah Mcnamara, 37. Keshav Shrestha, 39. Arbi Mollas, 40. Ethan Cox (GK), 50. Dakota Ochsenham (GK)

Coaches: Paul Pezos, Joshua Smith

Team Staff: Justin Graetz



Adelaide Olympic vs Adelaide City
Venue: VALO Football Centre
Date: Saturday 3 October 6:00PM

Match Officials: Christian Verdicchio (Referee), Henry Day & Ian Crossing (Assistant Referees)

Blue Eagles’ draw meant that Olympic now holds outright ninth on the ladder, but with just three points between themselves and sixth placed Adelaide City, this match could make or break both sides’ seasons.

The home side have struggled all season to consistently string results together and their 2-1 loss to Cumberland United last week that backed up a win the week before is further proof of that.

City are also suffering a lean patch, unable to claim victory in any of their previous five outings and most recently dropping points to the struggling Jets.

Olympic have flirted with the top half for some time now and a win tonight would go some way to helping secure their dream of finals football, but City will be looking to put further distance between themselves and the sides chasing them.

Adelaide Olympic line-up: 1. Nikolas Harpas (GK), 2. Mark Ochieng, 3. Matthew Halliday, 4. Benkert Abdija, 5. Julian Ionni, 6. Kristin Konstandopoulos, 7. Nicholas Harpas, 8. Jason Konstandopoulos, 9. Christos Pounendis (C), 10. Charlie devereux, 11. Emile Damey, 12. Dimitri Toumazos, 13. Cristian Aloisi, 14. Melad Ahmad, 24. Panagiotis Manidakis

Coaches: George Tsonis, Peter Mihalopoulos, Ali Sadick

Team Staff: Caroline Riemelmoser, Sumin Kim

Adelaide City line-up: Zakariah Waters, 1. Alexander Woodlands (GK), 4. Jordan Maricic, 7. Perry Mitris, 9. Terence Christopher Carter, 10. Evan Kostopoulos, 11. Nicholas Bucco, 14. Aladin Irabona, 15. Jackson Stephens, 19. James Boffa, 23. Markus Orchard, 34. Noah Benouzekri, 48. Lachlan Barr

Coaches: Michael Matricciani, Angelo Paul

Team Staff: Liam Oates