Salisbury United to relocate to the Burton Park Football Facility

Football Federation SA (FFSA) in partnership with the Salisbury United Football Club (SUFC) wish to announce that SUFC will relocate its entire club and football operations to the Burton Park Football Facility effective Friday 16 June 2017.

The relocation will see the club exit Adams Oval and in doing so have the opportunity to not only cater for the existing 14 teams managed by the Club, but also expand their player base and improve their supporter experience at the 3-pitch Burton Park facility.

Football Federation SA CEO, Michael Carter, supported the Club’s future expansion plans.

“Salisbury United has a long and proud history, however simply can not cater for their participant base at Adams Oval with full-time access to only one pitch,” said Michael.

“Following an approach to relocate to the Burton Park Football Centre and presentation of their detailed expansion plans we are fully supportive given the continued growth of Football in the north,” said Michael.

Salisbury United President Duncan Burns hailed the move as an important step for the Club in their goal of becoming a super club in the North.

“This move is both to ensure the financial viability of our clubs’ football operations, and to grow its memberships, sponsors and players and in particular to reintroduce junior and senior women’s teams into the Football Federation of South Australia,” said Duncan.

“SUFC thank FFSA for the opportunity to relocate Steve Jarvis Park to the Burton facility as a key step in securing the long-term future of the Club.”

Salisbury United will play their final game at Steve Jarvis Park on Saturday 3 June against Noarlunga United prior to their first home game at the Burton Park Football Centre on 1 July against their traditional rival Modbury Jets.

Adams Oval will be opened to expressions of interest to the City of Salisbury following Salisbury United’s exciting departure.