State Futsal Championships set for Advertiser live stream

South Australia’s best Futsal players will take to the court next Wednesday for the Football SA State Futsal Championships. See how to watch all the action.

Photo credit: Naomi Jellicoe / The Advertiser.

Click the link below to get the stream on Wednesday!


Livestream fixtures:

Court Two

9am – Riverland Men’s vs Prospect FC youth

9.30am – Eastern Futsal Association vs FSA under-17 girls

10am – Cumberland United vs FSA under-13 Red

10.30am – Riverland Men’s vs Prospect FC seniors

11am – Riverland women’s vs FSA under-15 girls Red

11.30am – TP State girls Blue vs under-15 Blue FSA

12pm – Prospect FC youth vs Prospect FC seniors

12.30pm – under-13 SA state team vs FSA under-12

1pm – Riverland men’s vs The Mountain Goats

1.30pm – The Bombers vs FSA under-12s

2pm – FSA Junior NTC girls vs under-15 Blue FSA

2.30pm – Riverland women’s vs Eastern Futsal Association

3pm – Fitbirds FC vs Prospect FC seniors

3.30pm – Open/youth women’s semi-finals

4pm – Youth men’s final

4.30pm – Open/youth women’s final


Court Five


9am – Fitbirds FC vs Prospect FC under-16 boys

9.30am – The Mountain Goats vs Prospect FC seniors

10am – Prospect Lions vs FSA under-15 girls Red

10.30am – Under-13 SA State team vs FSA AWD

11am – Riverland under-13 girls vs under-11 FSA Academy

11.30am – Panthers vs FSA under-13 Red

12pm – Riverland women’s vs FSA under-17 girls

12.30pm – Adelaide Cobras under-11 vs FSA under-13 Red

1pm – Under-11 FSA Academy vs FSA under-13 Blue

1.30pm – Prospect FC under-16 boys vs Prospect FC seniors

2pm – Under-13 mixed semi-finals

2.30pm – Under-13 mixed semi-finals

3pm – Riverland men’s vs Prospect under-16 boys

3.30pm – Open/youth women’s semi-finals

4pm - Under-14 boys final

4.30pm – Under-15 girls final