WNPLSA Preview | Round 8

Salisbury Inter vs Metro United
Venue: VALO Football Centre
Date: Friday 11 June, 6:15 PM

Inter and Metro kick off Round 8 of WNPL action tonight at VALO Football Centre, with both sides entering the contest off the back of important victories.

A come from behind 2-1 win over West kept Inter’s unbeaten streak in the league alive, the only one still active in the competition after seven rounds, and saw them reclaim top spot as we reach a third of the way through the season.

Metro have reignited their season after a shaky start by winning their last two, most recently defeating City 4-2 away from home, and find themselves back in the top half where they’ll be aiming to cement themselves.

With West breathing down their necks, Inter will be wanting to get another big win under their belts, but they’ll know to not write off the champions.

Salisbury Inter line-up: 1. Matilda Comley, 2. Khal Adam Khan, 4. Gabrielle Bentley, 5. Isabella  Kouimtzis, 6. Nicole Calder (C), 7. Maria Jose Rojas Pino, 8. Emily Condon, 9. Angelique Vreugdenburg, 10. Chrissa Pavlomanolakos, 11. Nicola Frazzetto, 12. Chantelle Ryder, 14. Emily Heazlewood, 15. Sharni Tansell, 17. Dragana Kljajic, 24. Mina Nishitani, 76. Zafiro Papanikitas (GK)

Coaches: Simon Catanzaro, Brad Donovan, Darran King, Arnouluck Sirisay

Team Staff: Tamara Simeoni, Colin Bajkusev, Daniela Marlitsis

Metro United WFC line-up: 1. Melanie Comyns (GK), 3. Emma Cotgrove, 4. Talia Bilardo, 7. Millie Scott, 9. Roxanne Dodd, 11. Lauren Steer, 12. Rochelle Draper, 13. Vanessa Reed (C), 17. Victoria Mansueto, 18. Isabella Scalzi, 19. Tessa Calabria, 20. Chanel Todino, 23. Kristy Moore, 26. Michaela Hadaj, 27. Amber-May Smith, 29. Jessica Signoriello, 99. Olivia Bunge (GK)

Coaches: Antonio Scalzi, Brenton Ellul, Emilio Librandi

Team Staff: Terry Kyriacou, Andreas Zacharia



Football SA NTC vs West Adelaide
Venue: VALO Football Centre
Date: Friday 11 June, 8:15 PM

The second of tonight’s doubleheader is another big fixture, as high-flying NTC take on second-placed West in what promises to be an exciting contest.

NTC won their second match in a row last weekend, easing past Uni with a 4-0 victory that brought them just four points away from the league summit and provided their first clean sheet of the season.

West’s stint at the top of the ladder was short-lived, as a 2-1 defeat to Inter marked their first of the season but, encouragingly, they remain just a point off the pace entering this round.

With both sides vying for spots higher on the ladder, this fixture promises to be an entertaining one which could have ramifications deep into the 2021 season; it’s a big three points up for grabs.

Football SA NTC line-up: 2. Abbey Burns, 3. Michaela Belmonte, 4. Zoe Tolland (C), 6. Ella Tonkin, 8. Nicola Scalzi, 9. Anastasia Willoughby, 11. Emilia Murray, 12. Libby Davy (GK), 13. Lily Barber, 14. Ella Smith, 15. Lily Di Cola, 16. Madeleine Wright, 17. Abby Middleton, 19. Danielle Harmer, 23. Erin Kontoutsikos, 24. Victoria Costanzo, 25. Grace Wilson (GK)

Coaches: Michele Lastella, Mark Lobianco, Michael Moularas, Anthony Breaden

Team Staff: Sharee Mcnamara, Jason Collins

West Adelaide line-up: 1. Erin Murphy, 2. Emily Hodgson, 3. Alison Atkins, 6. Elena Psaroulis, 7. Lara Kirkby, 8. Georgia Macri, 9. Harriet Burnett, 10. Georgie Nicola, 11. Laura Johns, 12. Nicole Tilley, 13. Maddie DuRieu, 19. Zoe Haralampopoulos, 22. Lucy Adamopoulos (C), 23. Sarah Willacy (GK), 24. Mawa Sumaoro, 28. Siena Covino

Coaches: Tracey Jenkins, Alice Gorman, David Lewis, Leanne Davis

Team Staff: Alex Macdonald, Lachlan Hall



Fulham United vs Adelaide University
Venue: Adelaide Shores Football Centre
Date: Saturday 12 June, 3:00 PM

With Fulham currently in last place on the ladder and Uni sitting a position above them, tomorrow’s encounter at Adelaide Shores Football Centre is an important one for both sides.

Five losses in their last five league fixtures makes for difficult reading for Fulham, who are five points adrift of their opponents tomorrow, with their most recent coming against Comets in a 2-1 defeat.

Uni’s win over Fulham in Round 5 represents their only points gained since Round 1, with their 4-0 defeat at the hands of NTC the third time in their last five league matches that they’ve conceded three or more goals.

The pressure is on for Fulham to pick up a much-needed first win of the season or risk being left further behind the pack, while Uni must win to keep the top half within their reach.

Fulham United line-up: 1. Natalie Hayman (GK), 2. Susan Roberts, 3. Hannah Freer, 4. Natasha Vella (C), 5. Olivia Bramley, 6. Laura Niejalke, 7. Amielia Ebbs, 8. Siobhan Eastham, 9. Zoe J Turner-Davey, 10. Mia Lundquist, 11. Josephine Trimboli, 12. Chloe Mortimer, 13. Charlotte Waters, 14. Hannah Doyle, 15. Sarah Mills, 16. Caitlin Le Roux, 17. Mia Mcgranaghan

Coaches: Ayoub Hassine, Ali Ali, Masoud Teymouri, John RUSSELL

Team Staff: Adam Mortimer, Maggie Smith, Yacine Grar

Adelaide University line-up: 1. Evelyn Goldsmith (GK), 2. Elle Pirintzis, 3. Gemma MacFarlane, 4. Mabel Day, 5. Sasha Coorey, 7. Velvet Klass, 10. Georgia Iannella (C), 11. Ellie Sparrow, 12. Georgia Box, 13. Elysha Magor, 16. Milano Venter, 17. Tanaye Morris, 20. Aimee Benton (GK), 21. Sophie Burke, 23. Hayley Needs, 77. Margarita Fitzharris

Coaches: Kosta Jaric, Danyon Loud, Ebony Charles

Team Staff: Giorgio Profiris, Mark Bosio, Alex Flood



Adelaide Comets vs Adelaide City
Venue: SA Athletics Stadium
Date: Saturday 12 June, 5:30 PM

Comets and City round out this weekend’s fixtures tomorrow evening, both with a point to prove following their early season form.

The hosts picked up their second win last week, a 2-1 triumph over Fulham, that sent them a point ahead of City after seven rounds, a side who finished 33 points clear of them in the 2020s truncated season.

City’s early-season woes continued with a 4-2 loss in the Grand Final rematch, meaning they’ve now only won one of their opening six matches (albeit they’ve only lost two of those).

Comets entered the season with finals aspirations and victory tomorrow could put that reality well and truly in their grasp, with three points keeping them in touch with Metro in fourth, but City will be keen to rediscover the spark that has made them a force over the years.

Adelaide Comets line-up: Clare Davey, Hannah Robson-Thoo, Emily Gale, 3. Chantelle Reed, 7. Valeria Guajardo (C), 8. Christine Skrembos, 13. Elyse Moon, 14. Pirrie Weeks, 22. Nicole Robertson, 27. Kate Seaton, 28. Kiara O'Sullivan, 31. Joanna Katsabis, 33. Nanako Sasaki, 40. Yuka Sasaki, 53. Hannah Jenkin, 62. Sian Fryer-Mclaren (GK)

Coaches: Andres Obieglo, Joshua Mcloughney, Brian Gale

Team Staff: Katerina Gatsios, Kieran O'Sullivan, Karin Mitris

Adelaide City line-up: 1. Kendall Jenner (GK), 4. Daniela Di Bartolo, 5. Alyce Macauley, 8. Alanah Ursino, 9. Caitlin White, 10. Chelsie Dawber, 13. Sophie Leszczynski, 14. Chrissie Zikos, 15. Bianca Gray (C), 16. Isobel Dahlen-Flight, 18. Alana Fitzsimmons, 20. Abbey Lucas (GK), 21. Mikayla Vidmar, 23. Natalie Frantzis, 28. Anastasia Nuttall

Coaches: Jamie Dunning, Rachid Maliki

Team Staff: Seymour Di Bartolo, Alexander Tan, Nicholas Whiteside