Women's Premier/Division 1 Cup | Semi-Final Preview

Competition: Women's Premier/Division 1 Cup


Metro United WFC vs Adelaide City FC
Venue: VALO Football Centre - The Parks
Date: 19/07/2019 07:00 PM

Metro United WFC line-up: 2. Ebony Kyriacou, 7. Millie Scott, 8. Chrissy Panagaris, 9. Roxann Dodd, 10. Eleanor Bills, 12. Rochelle Kuhar, 13. Vanessa Reed, 14. Donna Cockayne, 15. Mirella Scalzi, 16. Hunter Strudwick (GK), 17. Stella Rigon (C), 18. Isabella Scalzi, 21. Stefany Scriva, 23. Kristy Moore, 27. Amber-May Smith, 29. Jessica Signoriello, 50. Georgia Henderson, 55. Olivia Bunge
Coaches: Antonio Scalzi, Brenton Ellul
Team Staff: Elizabeth Mcgrath, Terry Kyriacou, Andreas Zacharia

Adelaide City FC  line-up: 1. Kendall Jenner (GK), 2. Alicia Nickolas, 3. Matilda Mcnamara, 4. Daniela Di Bartolo, 5. Alyce Macauley, 8. Dylan Holmes, 10. Chelsie Dawber, 12. Georgia Campagnale, 13. Alison Atkins, 15. Bianca Gray, 17. Tiarn Powell (C), 19. Daphne Mcleod, 21. Mikayla Vidmar, 33. Nanako Sasaki, 40. Yuka Sasaki, 45. Claudia Jenkins (GK)
Coaches: Andrew Calderbank, Grace Abbey, Brian Gale
Team Staff: Seymour Di Bartolo, Corrie Abbey

The two traditional powerhouses of Women’s Football in South Australia meet for the third time this season. Metro United will be out to prove that they still have what it takes to win silverware when they take on the reigning champions in tonight’s Cup Semi-Final.

Metro United haven’t won a league match since June 14, which is also the date of their last goal scored. Metro haven’t been kept goalless for that long in WNPL History. In fact, Metro United have only been kept goalless 8 times in WNPL history, with 5 of those being in season 2019. This is a statistic that coach Tony Scalzi will be looking to change coming into tonight’s encounter. 

Andrew Calderbank’s side however will be out in force to secure their 7th consecutive cup final spot. A statistic never seen before in Women’s football. Having put 10 goals past their rivals in Metro so far this season and will look towards the Sasaki sisters and Dawber to put some more past Metro tonight. 



West Adelaide Premiers vs Salisbury United
Venue: VALO Football Centre - The Parks
Date: 19/07/2019 07:00 PM

West Adelaide faces their second Division 1 side of the 2019 Cup competition. After a showcase 18-0 win over Modbury Vista in the first round, West Adelaide have beaten Salisbury Inter and Adelaide Comets comfortably to earn their Semi-Final spot for this year. A win tonight will book their spot in their second consecutive cup final and will look for redemption after going down 3-2 to Adelaide City in a cup final to remember last August. 

Salisbury United have shown their remarkable talent after making their first cup semi-final, only two years into the re-establishment of women’s football. Their cup campaign has been quite smooth, by having the real luck of draw, beating 2 fellow Division 1 sides and a WNPL reserves side to book their semi-final spot.

Salisbury United are the only undefeated side of Senior Women’s football for 2019 having won 15 out of their 15 games. They look to continue their phenomenal season tonight and show to the powerhouses that they aspire to be a WNPL outfit and show them that they can compete at the highest level. With W-League experience within their squad with Katelyn Tucker, Salisbury will not be shy to showcase their talent.

West Adelaide Premiers line-up: 1. Sarah Willacy (GK), 2. Elena Psaroulis (C), 3. Sevanah Pantelis, 4. Abby Touchette, 5. Christie Hillyer, 8. Georgia Macri, 11. Emily Hodgson, 14. Katerina Mattheou, 15. Anna Pritchard, 17. Dragana Kljajic, 18. Izabel Czechowicz, 19. Mina Nishitani, 25. Matika Hilliard-Faulkner, 28. Siena Covino, 29. Nenita Burgess, 38. Harriet Burnett
Coaches: Adrian Santrac, Paul Giannaras, Eric Sialas
Team Staff: Julie Ocego-Kingsley, Ric Wojciechowski

Salisbury United line-up: 1. Sarah Kellett (GK), 3. Jessica Attewell (C), 4. Liza Dunn, 5. Sheridan Sribar, 7. Natasha Pritchard, 8. Brianna Farmer, 9. Katelyn Tucker, 10. Christine Najar, 11. Brodie Dobbin, 12. Maddison Greaves, 13. Jordan O'Neill, 14. Tina Lauszus, 15. Sarah Ielasi, 16. Mel Fox, 17. Rebekah Turner, 18. Taylor Garrett
Coaches: Paul Morris, Luis Orgaz
Team Staff: Cooper Mullins, Glen Carey, Theo Kandalis