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Registering on Play Football

How to register on Play Football

Can I check if I have a Football Account already?

How to perform a registration on behalf of a family member

How to access your Participant portal and manage your registration

Error Message

Registration Overview

How to update my photo - Football Account

How to register on the new Play Football registration system


The Football Account

The Football Account provides you with a simple way to sign in to Football's digital channels and manage your profile from one place.

Football Account Overview

How to create a Football Account

Playing History - Why isn't my playing history displaying on my Football Account?

My previous participant records have not been matched to my Football Account?

Can I check if I have a Football Account already?

NOT Receiving your Verification Code?

I am unable to link to my old myfootballclub registration profile history

How do I claim my old profile?


Registering to a Coaching or Referee Course

Course registration process

Courses - Sports TG


International Transfer Clearances (ITC's)

ITCs Amateur Adults

ITC - Minor

International Transfer Certificate (ITC)

Guide to ITCs and Minor Applications


Support Videos

How to register - Players

Locating your FFA number


Getting Help

Visit the Play Football Support site for useful resources or to submit a support ticket

Call the Play Football support desk on 02 8880 7983

Call Football SA on 08 8340 3088

Email Football SA at

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Club Documents

Registration Admin Access Request Form

Football SA Club Training Presentation with Videos - The presentation provides clubs with an overview of key steps as a Club Administrator, using Season Migration/Rollover, Online Payments, Invoicing and other key functions of Play Football Admin

Working With Children Check's/Child Safe Environments


Season Setup

Play Football Season Rollover/Migration

Quick Guide Season Set up

Create/Edit a Registration Sign-up Form

What is a Registration Product

How to create or Edit a Registration Product

How to create an Additional Product (Member Product)

Create/Edit Disclaimers (Terms & Conditions)

Create/Edit Additional Questions

Setting up for SportsVouchers

Voucher setup requirements - Single & Multi use vouchers in Play Football

Payment setup options for clubs

Role discounts - How to setup & apply to registrant

Payment queries contact email address on invoice - how to configure

MiniRoos Kick-Off Programs


Registration Management

Registration Forms & Regulations

Entering Working With Children Checks on Play Football

How to approve Registrations (Player, Referees, Volunteers & Coaches)

How to email a custom list of people from registration system

Photo editing - How to modify photos in Play Football rego admin

How to determine product selected by an individual registrant

How to update a registrant status from Awaiting Payment to Paid > Approval Required (for manual payments)

How to reconcile online credit card payments made in Play Football registration system to FFA Payment gateway

Selected product is unavailable error on product select

How to configure the contact name registration emails come from

Unable to edit sign up form - ERROR code 0 error

De-reg request approval email - How to configure the email address that will receive the de-registration requests


Season Management

De-registration process - Club initiated

De-registration request - Player initiated - how to request

Cancelling an Inactive (UNPAID) registration - Club & Player

Declining an Inactive (PAID) registration - Club & Player



Custom fields Management - Reports (additional questions)

Issues with reporting



How to setup online payments for registrations

My Club has changed their bank details, how do we update our account?

How do I get IP Payment access?

Who should have IP Payment access?

OFFLINE - credit card payment method


International Transfer Clearances (ITC's)

ITCs Amateur Adults

ITC - Minor

International Transfer Certificate (ITC)

Guide to ITCs and Minor Applications