COVID-19 Restriction Update from August 5


With the ongoing challenges around COVID-19, the South Australian Government have implemented additional restrictions to assist in reducing the spread of the virus. The additional restrictions will impact clubs in relation to the serving of alcohol.

Please find below information provided by Clubs SA:



  • Patrons cannot stand or sit and drink at the bar.
  • Food and beverage can continue to be purchased by spectators, however, while all food and non-alcoholic beverages can be consumed while standing, alcoholic beverages must be consumed while seated.
  • 8ball, pool and darts can continue to be played providing all food and drink is consumed while seated.

The Football Community has worked very hard to get to the position of returning to competition and we all need to continue to be vigilant in implementing the Return To Competition Requirements. Becoming complacent is not an option, not only for the continuation of our competitions but for the health and welfare of our participants.

Football SA would encourage all clubs to reinforce and remind their participants of the requirements that need to be implemented during this time.


Football SA has received a number of reports relating to participants making social media comments in relation to the performance of Match Officials. Please remind all of your participants including Team and Club Officials that posting derogative comments on social media is a breach of the Social Media Policy and the Football SA Rules and Regulations.

Any such breaches may incur sanctions.