COVID-19 UPDATE | Monday 19 July

Following this afternoons press conference held by the Premier, Chief Public Health Officer and Police Commissioner, we have been advised that no team, club or contact sport (indoor/outdoor) can take place effective as of Midnight tonight. This includes games and training. These restrictions will be in place until Friday 23 July or until further notice.

Please be advised that if restrictions are eased and we are able to, games will resume from Saturday 24 July.

Below is a summary of the restrictions announced at the press conference:

  • All team, club and contact sporting activities, both indoors and outdoors, including training, is cancelled
  • All gyms and fitness centres are closed
  • No spectators allowed at any sporting activity
  • Home and private gatherings reduced now to 10 in Adelaide, including weddings and funerals.
  • Density for licensed premises back to 1 per 4 sqm or 25 per cent capacity, from a current 75 per cent.
  • Non-essential retail must close, including hairdressers and beauty services.
  • Newsagents, hardware stores, health services, pharmacies, supermarkets, bottle shops, mechanics, opticians, optometrists, medical and orthopaedic businesses, petrol stations, heating and fuelling providers, mechanics, pet stores, laundromats and dry cleaners, post offices, banks, credit unions, work clothes shops and clothing stores can remain open.
  • Schools stay open, as do offices.
  • People are encouraged to work from home where they can.
  • Masks for all high-risk settings, including on public transport and shared indoors spaces.
  • Restrictions remain on singing and dancing.
  • Outdoor dining only.
  • No Covid-19 Management Plan events 
  • No communal consumption facilities.

It is important that you familiarise yourself with this updated information concerning the new Directions, therefore would you please ensure that you visit the SA Government COVID-19 website and review all pertinent details under the Restrictions and Responsibilities section.  Below is the link to the website:


As Directions are released we will update information accordingly. 


On 28 June 2021,the South Australian Government announced new restrictions would come into being as of midnight 29 June 2021 for 7 days in response to the COVID-19 outbreaks that have occurred in many states across Australia. The information outlined below is to be implemented by all clubs and associations.




Return To Competition Season 2021


COVID Marshal Requirements from 21 August 2020

Dear Football Family 

Football SA has been advised by the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing that the new COVID Marshal requirements will be applied to sporting activities from 21 August 2020. 

We recognise this is an additional duty that Club’s will be required to undertake. To minimise the burden of sourcing additional volunteers, Football SA will amend the Operating Regulations for Senior matches in relation to the number of required Home Team Ground Stewards to two (2) for a fenced pitch, and four (4) for unfenced. This will allow a Ground Steward to be appointed as the dedicated COVID Marshal. Away teams will still be required to fulfil all Ground Steward positions. 

For Junior matches, only one (1) COVID Marshal is required for the venue as a whole. 

Football SA will provide COVID Marshal vests with no cost to clubs. An order has been placed today and we expect delivery on Thursday. Further information on collection will be distributed once confirmation is received. 

All COVID Marshals, whether they are a dedicated Marshal at a venue with more than 200 attendees, or non-dedicated at a venue with less than 200 attendees, are required to register and undertake the free of charge online training course. The SA Government has announced further information in relation to the online course will be made available early next week. 

Further information will be released as we receive it and as always, our team are available to answer any queries you may have. 

Thank you for your continued hard work in ensuring not only our football community, but our state remains diligent and safe from the second wave of this pandemic. 

Michael Carter
Football SA CEO


With the ongoing challenges around COVID-19, the South Australian Government have implemented additional restrictions to assist in reducing the spread of the virus. The additional restrictions will impact clubs in relation to the serving of alcohol.

Please find below information provided by Clubs SA:



  • Patrons cannot stand or sit and drink at the bar.
  • Food and beverage can continue to be purchased by spectators, however, while all food and non-alcoholic beverages can be consumed while standing, alcoholic beverages must be consumed while seated.
  • 8ball, pool and darts can continue to be played providing all food and drink is consumed while seated.

The Football Community has worked very hard to get to the position of returning to competition and we all need to continue to be vigilant in implementing the Return To Competition Requirements. Becoming complacent is not an option, not only for the continuation of our competitions but for the health and welfare of our participants.

Football SA would encourage all clubs to reinforce and remind their participants of the requirements that need to be implemented during this time.


Football SA has received a number of reports relating to participants making social media comments in relation to the performance of Match Officials. Please remind all of your participants including Team and Club Officials that posting derogative comments on social media is a breach of the Social Media Policy and the Football SA Rules and Regulations.

Any such breaches may incur sanctions.

Return To Competitions

The changes for the Return to Competition document include:

  • The use of showers
  • Minimising changing room time for all
  • The recommendation that playing strips are washed by the individual players
  • The removal of the 1 parent spectator rule – density requirements going from 4msq to 2msq

Click to access the full document.

Return To Training Requirements | Step 3

The Return to Training document below have changes which include:

  • The use of showers
  • Number of players is based on the density requirements 1 person per 2msq
  • The use of changing rooms
  • Massage and taping permitted
  • Parents can attend training adhering to the social distancing
  • The recommendation that if bibs used they are washed by the individual player

Click to access the full document.

The impact of COVID-19 has resulted in the suspension of all football activities since early March. Since this time, the priority of Football South Australia has been to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the community and to undertake its social responsibility to do everything it can to slow down the spread of COVID-19. 

COVID-19 is most likely spread through direct close contact with a person while they are infectious (usually face to face contact for at least 15 minutes, or being in the same closed space for at least 2 hours). Given that football is played outdoors, the risk of infection through playing sport is minimal, and now with the rate of infection halted in South Australia, it is time to cautiously reintroduce football-related activity in a staged approach.

The conditions set out in these documents are in line with government directions as at the date stated above. This document and its conditions will be amended in accordance with any future government directives.

To further aid the fight against COVID-19, Football SA supports the Australian Government’s COVIDSafe app and strongly encourages all members of the football community to get behind this initiative. The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

COVID-19 App


SA Health has a wide range of resources for clubs and associations to access to help to 'Stop The Spread,'

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