Chic Caudo

S. (Chic) Caudo *


As a member for meritorious contribution

Inducted 2009

Born in Innisfail, Queensland and came to South Australia in 1950

Contributed to the game of football as a Sports Trainer and Administrator, Life Member of Adelaide City

Head Trainer of Juventus 1960-76, Adelaide City NSL 1977-81, Adelaide City Juniors 1982-92, Adelaide City Women’s team 1993-2000, 2003-2006. Head Trainer for SA State team 1968-73, Trainer for Australian National team tour to Vietnam 1970, SA Women’s team 2000-2001 tours to Kuala Lumpur and New Zealand, Adelaide Villa 2001-2002, SA Women’s Masters team 2005, Adelaide Galaxy 2007, Adelaide Blue Eagles 2008, MetroStars 2009. Treasurer and Member of the inaugural SA Trainers Association 1967

Associated with the game of football in South Australia in excess of 50 years