FFSA Coach Mentoring and Assessment Program

In the last few weeks, Coach Education Manager Cristiano Dos Santos has been Mentoring and Assessing Croydon Kings Coach Lauren Werner.

Cristiano has been coordinating the Mentoring and Assessment Programs for two years, helping coaches complete all coaching certificates and mentoring one on one.

Lauren is currently coaching the Reserve Women’s team at Croydon Kings, along with the role of rotating Senior Women’s coach. Lauren had completed all, but one Senior Certificate, which as of recently Cristiano assisted her in completing.

The last few weeks, Cristiano has been attending Croydon Women’s training to mentor Lauren in her drills and sessions.

Cristiano couldn’t believe the amount of improvement Lauren had displayed throughout the Mentoring and Assessment Program. He said that over the last couple of weeks, Lauren has improved within the assessment and her drills.

The aim of the assessment will not only benefit the coaches, but allows players to feel more confident at training and the drills they are partaking in.

The Mentor and Assessment Program is offered to all and for any clubs interested, please contact Cristiano at coacheducation@ffsa.com.au

Cristiano is also holding a workshop on the 25th of May at Salisbury United