Football Australia/AFC B Diploma - SA Registrations Now Open

Registrations are now open for the Football Australia/AFC B Diploma - South Australia, which will be delivered from April - October 2024, at ServiceFM Stadium, Gepps Cross.


The B Diploma is aimed at coaches working with players who are able to play football at a standard where they can confidently pass and receive the ball and scan for information, aged approximately twelve years of age (12) and above.

The main focus of the course is on teaching players how to use techniques and combine with each other to apply the principles of attack when the team is in possession and the principles of defence when the team is out of possession. Coaches are assessed while coaching players in opposed practices and small-sided games up to 8 vs 8.

Fee: $2300 AUD.

The course fee must be paid in full within three (3) days of course registration.

Football Australia does not accept instalments.

Registrations will be deleted if a coach does not make payment and the spot will be made available to another coach.


A Candidate is required to attend 100% of a coaching course organised by Football Australia.

In extenuating circumstances (illness, injury), Football Australia may allow a Candidate to make up missing modules/sessions as long as their total absence does not exceed ten (10) per cent of the total duration of the course. All missed units must be made up within 6 months of the completion of the course.

Educational Hours

AFC Coaching Convention requires a minimum of 120 hours of learning.

The face-to-face component of the course is twelve (12) days. These twelve (12) will be delivered in blocks of two, three or four days, over eight (8) - twelve (12) months. This is subject to change at the discretion of Football Australia and may be increased where necessary.

Football Australia breaks up the 120 hours into face-to-face sessions, online modules, assignments and coursework.

The coursework comprises of approximately forty (40) hours coursework. This is subject to change and may be increased where necessary. Coursework is self-paced and requires coaches to compile a presentation of session plans, videos and a record of what they did during the football season and why. At the end of the course, coaches will be required to conduct a presentation with one of the course coach educator tutors.

Travelling Interstate

If a coach elects to travel interstate or considerable distances within their own state/territory:

  • Football Australia does not cover fuel, flight, accommodation or any travel associated costs for coaches to attend the course.
  • Coaches should not expect to be transferred to an course in their state/territory of residence, should a course become available at a later point. It is assumed that by registering and paying for a particular course, a coach will attend that course in its entirety without moving to another.