Football Federation SA is calling for eligible coaches to complete AFC 'B' licence

Football Federation SA is calling for eligible coaches to complete their AFC B licence which begins in April this year. 

Course details are below. You can register for the course on the following link: AFC B LICENCE COURSE, ADELAIDE.

Course Description

The ‘B’ Licence is for coaches of Top Amateur, Elite Youth and State Teams who hold the FFA/ AFC ‘C’ Licence or have a recognised accepted UEFA ‘C’ or AFC ‘C’ Licence after completing Form 9.

This course is open to Coaches 18 years of age and older focusing on the 11 v 11 aspects of the game candidates will be able to analyse football and apply the FFA Vision and Philosophy in the Game Training Model. 

Course Outcomes

On completion of the course, successful candidates should demonstrate knowledge and competence in the following:

  • The National Football Curriculum
  • The Objectives and Structure of Football
  • The FFA Philosophy and Vision
  • The FFA Team Model
  • Awareness of the Coach Expertise Model
  • Analyse Football
  • Plan, Prepare, Conduct and Evaluate a Training Session
  • Management
  • Develop a 3-cycle periodisation plan
Who should do this Course

The course is the second step on the FFA pathway to become a professional coach. Needless to say, if you have completed your FFA/AFC ‘C’ License in Australia you will be familiar with all elements of the National Curriculum, The FFA Team Model and the Coach Expertise Model. However, if the ‘B’ Licence is the first course you have taken with the FFA or the first course recently, then you need to become familiar with the FFA course content. We recommend that all candidates make sure they are fully familiar with the documents outlined below.

  • The National Football Curriculum
  • The Football Coaching Process

Both of which can be found at

B License #2