Football SA and PILA kick Goals until 2026

In a move set to bolster the infrastructure and support for football clubs across South Australia, Football South Australia is thrilled to announce the extension of its partnership with PILA Goal Posts & Flagpoles until the end of 2026. 

The inking of the extension will see South Australian Clubs being able to participate in a financially incentivized subsidy program to purchase high-quality Australian-made Goals.  

Michael Carter, CEO of Football South Australia, expresses satisfaction with the extension, stating, "The PILA group has been supporting partners of Football in South Australia for a number of years, and we are pleased to extend the partnership”.

Empowering Clubs for the Future

Managing Director of PILA, Reece Wooldridge, also celebrates the extension and emphasises the importance of doing your research before purchasing sports equipment. He points out, "As proof of our product quality and durability, some of our customers are still using football goal posts they bought from us two decades ago, yielding significant returns on investment."

In contrast, he warns that cheaply made and imported football goalposts often deteriorate rapidly due to inferior materials that cannot withstand Australian conditions. They may exhibit issues such as peeling powder coat, rusting bolts, and sagging frames, making them a low-value purchase.

Reece adds, "As with anything, if you buy cheap, you usually buy twice." Additionally, Reece cautions against imported and homemade football goalposts that fail to meet Australia's stringent safety standards, posing compliance risks for venue owners and operators.

He highlights, "At PILA, we embody the belief that quality endures long after the price is forgotten, ensuring our customers receive the highest long-term value from their purchase." PILA prioritizes durability through superior manufacturing and stocks a full range of parts and accessories, providing cost-effective goal post maintenance and refurbishment. 

Setting the Stage for Success

PILA's goalposts have become synonymous with excellence, adorning the fields of Australia's most renowned stadiums and venues, including The MCG, ANZ Stadium, and Suncorp Stadium. Likewise, their flagpoles proudly stand tall at prestigious locations such as The SCG and The Australian War Memorial, serving as a testament to PILA's unwavering dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

Empowering Clubs for the Future

In an exciting development, FSA and PILA are set to launch a Subsidy Program in May aimed at supporting affiliated clubs in South Australia. This initiative will provide clubs with the opportunity to upgrade their goalposts at some special conditions, ensuring that they have access to state-of-the-art equipment to enhance their playing experience.

As FSA continues its mission to promote and grow the beautiful game of football in South Australia, the partnership with PILA represents a shared commitment to excellence and innovation. Together, we look forward to building a brighter future for football clubs and enthusiasts across the state.

For more information about PILA Goal Posts & Flagpoles and their range of products, please visit their website at

Stay tuned to the FSA channels for updates on the Subsidy Program and other exciting initiatives.