Football South Australia Introduces Strength for Life Program for people over 50

Football South Australia is excited to announce its collaboration with COTA SA to bring the Strength for Life (SFL) program to our community.

Aimed at South Australians aged 50 and above (40+ for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders and individuals from refugee backgrounds), Strength for Life offers a fantastic opportunity to stay active, nurture physical and mental well-being, and build lasting connections within a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere.

Strength for Life fitness sessions will start at the ServiceFM Stadium early March, every Thursday morning, from 10am, accommodating groups of up to 15 individuals, at a nominal fee of $12 per class.

Participants can enjoy socialising before and after classes at the ServiceFM Stadium Cafe, which serves as a welcoming gathering spot for building connections and fostering community spirit.

To enroll for Football SA's Strength for Life program, click here.

Joining the Strength for Life program, will unlock a multitude of advantages:

  • Supervised, progressive strength training sessions held a minimum of twice per week at designated times.
  • Sessions overseen by at least one qualified fitness instructor.
  • Assessment by a suitable fitness professional, including the possibility of consultation with an exercise physiologist.
  • A personalized program crafted to suit your individual needs.
  • An accessible and secure environment adhering to venue safety guidelines and risk protocols for individuals aged 50 and above.
  • Opportunities for socializing with fellow participants before and after exercise sessions.
FSA Venues Coordinator, Greg Fisher, COTA SA Strength for Life Manager Sophie Beers, and FSA Office & Venues Administration, Ashlee Cameron

Football SA Office & Venues Administration, Ashlee Cameron, “Partnering with COTA SA to host Strength For Life Classes at our ‘state of the art’ stadium is a great way to showcase our community focus and that we are more than Football.”

COTA SA CEO Miranda Starke says, "We are thrilled that Football SA has come on board and that their new facility, ServiceFM Stadium, is now one of 107 venues across the state that offers this program to the community. Strength for Life continues to grow and adapt to the needs of all older South Australians."

COTA SA Strength for Life Manager Sophie Beers says, "The Strength for Life program has proven to improve the lifelong health and wellbeing of the older community. The affordable sessions are also run in groups which means that they are a great way to stay connected with others with the opportunity to socialise before and after the sessions, which is essential for continued engagement in the community."


COTA (Council on the Ageing) SA is an older people’s movement and the peak body that represents the rights, interests and futures of the more than 698,000 South Australians aged 50+. COTA SA stands with older South Australians to create new images and new expectations for the older years. Understanding the diverse views and experiences of older South Australians is core to achieving COTA SA's purpose to advance the rights, interests and futures of South Australians as we age. The organisation helps to reframe the way we age and values ageing as a time of possibility, opportunity and influence.


Strength for Life [SFL] is a popular way for older South Australians to keep active, maintain their physical and mental wellbeing and make friends in a supportive and fun environment.

Currently 107 accredited Provider sites offer SFL sessions which are undertaken in a group setting. In all SFL sessions, each individual works to a personalised program specifically designed for them considering their fitness level, goals and any health considerations. Strength for life is also offered as a pool-based program at select sites.

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