FSA Leagues Kick Off Today: Here’s everything you need to know

The time has finally arrived – the season is starting, and fans have been eagerly awaiting for the FSA Leagues. Here's everything you need to know.


This season is packed with excitement, with ingredients for one of the best years yet. As highlighted in the Front Page Football article published here, South Australia prepares for the new RAA NPL season with some captivating storylines to follow in 2024. Plus State League 1 and State League 2 also come with lots of excitement for a great season.

Front Page Football also brought to us "A defining question for each club heading into the new season", worth reading.

Adelaide United NPL fixture release - Adelaide United
 Adelaide United will aim to continue their dominance in the NPL with their future stars (Photo: Adam Butler/80kms)

Remaining RAA NPL champions Adelaide United will aim to continue their dominance with their future stars, brimming with young talent. However, they will face stiff competition from traditional powerhouses such as Adelaide City, MetroStars, Campbeltown City, among others, who have historically been contenders for the title.

In State League 1 and 2, recently relegated clubs often emerge as favorites to fight for promotion. Yet, they are well aware that the road ahead won't be easy, with teams bolstering their ranks and striving to extract the best from their squads.


It's always valuable to revisit the format of our competitions, both for seasoned fans and newcomers alike.



The RAA NPL SA stands as the premier state-level football competition in South Australia. With a regular season comprising a double round-robin of 22 rounds, followed by a thrilling finals series for the top 6 teams, the competition promises intense battles on the field.

The Premiers Champions are determined by the team finishing first in the Regular Season. Relegation awaits the 11th and 12th placed teams, who will move down to State League 1 in the subsequent season.

In the finals, the top two teams go straight to the semifinals, while the 3rd to 6th placed teams battle it out in the Elimination Finals. – 3rd v 6th and 4th v 5th. Semifinals are played in double rounds.  A Grand Final is held at ServiceFM Stadium, where the winner is crowned Champion.

  • State League 1

As the second-tier state-level football competition, State League 1 South Australia mirrors the format of the RAA NPL on Regular Season and Finals.

The Premiers Champions, victors of the Regular Season, ascend to the RAA NPL, while the winner of the Finals earns promotion unless already qualified as Premiers, in which case the runner-up takes their place. Relegation looms for the 11th and 12th placed teams, relegating them to State League 2.

  • State League 2

State League 2 South Australia comprises the third tier of state-level football competition, following the structure of the RAA NPL and State League 1. While there's no relegation at this level, the Premiers Champions secure promotion to the State League 1.

Similarly, the winner of the Finals earns promotion, except if they've already clinched promotion as premiers, in which case the runner-up advances.

  • Important Dates

Men’s Leagues: February 23rd to August 11th

Final Series: August 16th to 18th

Grand Final Weekend: September 6th to 8th

Full Schedule: Find all the games on Dribl.

The calendar for all competitions, including Women, Juniors, Miniroos, and Futsal, can be found here.

  • Broadcasting

This season we are back to YouTube. Catch all the action from the RAA NPL and SL1 there, with three games featuring commentary in every round. Don't miss out – subscribe to our YouTube channel for live updates and thrilling matches.

The FSA Leagues promise a season packed with unforgettable moments, fierce competition, and unparalleled skill. Get ready to witness the best of South Australian football in action.

Enjoy the the season!