Joint FFA Member Statement RE: Congress

P R E S S  I N F O R M A T I O N

30 September, 2018

Joint Statement by Football Federation Australia Congress Members & PFA The Members of the Football Federation Australia (FFA) have reached agreement on changes to the FFA Constitution. These new Resolutions followed recent robust efforts and collaboration amongst football stakeholders to reach a consensus position on the future governance of Australian football. Importantly, the nine Member Federations, the ten A-League Clubs and Professional Football Australia (PFA) believe the new resolutions reflect a unity of purpose and shared ambition for Australian football to realise its remarkable potential. The Resolutions strengthen the governance and oversight of Australian football with:

  • A broader representation of stakeholders within the FFA Congress;
  • Full participation of women at all levels of football governance, including the establishment of a Women’s Football Council, for the first time;
  • Formation of various standing committees that seek to improve stakeholder engagement, corporate knowledge and strengthen governance;
  • Improved financial reporting in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards;
  • Establishment of a defined and transparent pathway for new FFA Congress members, including for appropriately instituted bodies representing key stakeholders of the game;
  • A defined, transparent and collaborative whole of game pathway for professional football including an alternative A-League Governance Model; and
  • Further alignment of the FFA Constitution with FIFA and AFC Statutes.

In accordance with the FFA Constitution, and as an outcome of the extensive multi-stakeholder dialogue, the FFA Members have unanimously agreed to shorten the normal notice period of 21 days so that the new Resolutions can be considered at a General Meeting of the FFA Congress at 12pm, Tuesday 2nd October. The new Resolutions were developed following the post Congress Review Working Group (CRWG) process that consolidated all stakeholder voices into a comprehensive governance framework to meet the future needs of Australian football. The Members of Football Federation Australia Congress acknowledge the support and efforts of all the stakeholders of Australian football and look forward to ongoing collaboration to unify football.