Match Official Appointments – 27th to 30th March

Football SA has appointed the following Match Officials to Round 5 of the RAA National Premier League SA, State League One and State League Two competitions. Football SA has also appointed the below match officials to Round 1 of the Women’s National Premier League and Women’s State League Cup.

RAA National Premier Leagues SA

Adelaide Croatia Raiders v Adelaide City

Croatian Sports Centre — 28/03 7:30 PM

Referee: Christian Verdicchio

Assistant Referees: Thomas Temby & Tyson Van Dijk

Adelaide United v Metrostars  

ServiceFM Stadium — 28/03 7:30 PM

Referee: Andrew Kite

Assistant Referees: Nick Elagin & Zakir Hussaini

Campbelltown City v South Adelaide  

Steve Woodcock Sports Centre — 30/03 3:00 PM

Referee: Garry Powers  

Assistant Referees: Liam Miller & Thomas Temby

Modbury Jets v Adelaide Olympic

Smith Partners Stadium — 30/03 3:00 PM

Referee: Tom Brinkworth

Assistant Referees: Nick Elagin & Denis Palushaj

Para Hills Knights v Croydon FC

The Paddocks — 30/03 3:00 PM

Referee: Daniel Faulkner

Assistant Referees: Dion Turner & Ellie Seaton

FK Beograd v Adelaide Comets

Frank Mitchell Park — 30/03 5:00 PM

Referee: Eric Ford Sestili  

Assistant Referees: Henry Day & Jayden Betterman

State League One

Cumberland United v West Adelaide

AA Bailey Reserves — 28/03 7:30 PM

Referee: Curtis Wordsworth

Assistant Referees: Matt Riley & Aidan Kosmanis

Adelaide Blue Eagles v Vipers FC

Marden Sports Complex — 28/03 8:15 PM

Referee: Mon Bahadur Khadka

Assistant Referees: William Tinkler & Ming Xue

Adelaide Victory v Playford City

Rushworth Reserve — 28/03 8:15 PM

Referee: Gary Mooney  

Assistant Referees: Joseph Bojcevski & Luca Castello

Sturt Lions v Fulham United

Karinya Reserve— 30/03 4:30 PM

Referee: Liam Toovey

Assistant Referees: Joseph Bojcevski & Thomas Gilchrist

Western Strikers v Salisbury United  

Carnegie Reserve —30/03 4:30 PM

Referee: Daniel Goodwin

Assistant Referees: Ibrahim Saidi & Jorge Galvis

Adelaide Cobras v WT Birkalla

Pro Paint and Panel Oval — 30/03 7:00 PM

Referee: David Alberton

Assistant Referees: Lee Jackson & Robert Billinghurst

State League Two 

Port Adelaide v Pontian Eagles

Ngarrpadla Josie Agius Reserve (Taperoo)— 28/03 8:30 PM

Referee: Marc Padros

Assistant Referees: Samuel Mcleod Banwell & Leon Hannessen

Adelaide Hills Hawks v Gawler Eagles

Hawks Nest — 30/03 3:00 PM

Referee: Ethan McCormick

Assistant Referees: Matthew Guerrera & Alanna Bleckly  

Adelaide University v Eastern United  

University Ovals — 30/03 3:00 PM

Referee: Andrew Citti

Assistant Referees: Callum Isaacs & Benjamin Smith

Cove FC v Northern Demons  

Southern Soccer Facility — 30/03 3:00 PM

Referee: Joe-Jordan Tripodi

Assistant Referees: William Tinkler & Robert Fritz

Modbury Vista v Noarlunga United

Newspot Stadium — 30/03 3:00 PM

Referee: Bradley French

Assistant Referees: Leon Hannessen & Aidan Kosmanis

Seaford Rangers v Mount Barker United

Karingal Reserve — 30/03 5:00 PM

Referee: Rosario Iacobini

Assistant Referees: Matt Riley & Marcus Hadfield


Women’s National Premier League & Women’s State League Cup

South Adelaide v Adelaide Jaguars 

O’Sullivans Beach Sports and Community Centre 27/03 8:30 PM

Referee: Ellie Seaton   

Assistant Referees: Robert Fritz & David Bacon
Modbury Vista v Campbelltown City  
Newspot Stadium — 28/03 8:30 PM
Referee: Leigh Prior 
Assistant Referees: Melissa Nininahazwe & Robby Anderson
Fulham United v Western Strikers 
West Beach Parks Football Centre — 30/03 1:30 PM 
Referee: Marinus Haccou 
Assistant Referees: Wee Sin Lau & Aaron Connor
Cove FC v Modbury Jets 
Southern Soccer Facility  — 30/03 5:30 PM 
Referee: William Tinkler   
Assistant Referees: Matthew Anstey & James Thang