WNPL Preview | Round 15

Competition: Women's NPL SA 2019
Round: 15



West Adelaide vs FFSA NTC
Venue: West Beach Parks Football Centre
Date: 28/06/2019 06:15 PM

The inform West Adelaide look to continue their winning streak tonight when they take on 7th placed NTC. FFSA NTC enjoyed the week off after the cup round. West Adelaide enter tonight’s encounter after not losing a game since their shock defeat to FFSA NTC in Round 8. That fixture saw NTC shock the league by belting Westies 3-0 to secure their first win of the season.

West Adelaide has been dealt a massive blow with a season-ending injury to Maddie Du Rieu however will be boosted with new signing Nikki Henkens who will look to be on fire against her old club tonight. West Adelaide looks to head into next week’s Regional Round with confidence with a win tonight. A win tonight for West will put them in prime position to still hunt down league leaders Adelaide City and will look to keep the pressure on City.

West Adelaide line-up: 1. Sarah Willacy (GK), 2. Elena Psaroulis, 3. Sevanah Pantelis, 5. Christie Hillyer, 8. Georgia Macri, 10. Chrissa Pavlomanolakos (C), 11. Emily Hodgson, 12. Nicole Tilley, 14. Katerina Mattheou, 18. Izabel Czechowicz, 19. Mina Nishitani, 28. Siena Covino, 29. Nenita Burgess, 32. Chloe Newton, 38. Harriet Burnett, 39. Nikki Henkens

Coaches: Adrian Santrac, Paul Giannaras, Eric Sialas

Team Staff: Julie Ocego-Kingsley, Carla Magnera, Vasilios Pantelis

FFSA NTC line-up: 1. Erin Murphy (GK), 2. Zoe Tolland, 6. Ella Tonkin, 7. Talia Bilardo, 11. Lara Kirkby, 14. Ella Smith, 15. Sarah Branford, 17. Lily Di Cola, 19. Ellie Sparrow, 20. Abbey Burns, 21. Alessia Curcio, 23. Emilia Murray, 24. Abby Middleton, 52. Khal Adam Khan

Coaches: Airton Andrioli, Cristiano Dos Santos Rodrigues, Michael Moularas, Dylan Lucas

Team Staff: Sharee Mcnamara, Bradley Bain, Mark Lobianco



Metro United WFC vs Adelaide Comets
Venue: TK Shutter Reserve
Date: 29/06/2019 07:15 PM

After Adelaide Comets hosted a doubleheader in Round 2, MetroStars welcome the women’s sides of Metro United and Adelaide Comets to feature following their Men’s encounter at 5 pm. Adelaide Comets have been the unlucky side of the 2019 season with 4 draws and 5 losses were by only 1 goal.

Tony Manuesto will look for a new way tonight after not registering a win since Round 5 and will look to lift his team off bottom spot. A win can lift the team to 7th spot, however even them they will still be in the danger zone. Metro United have had a good run of form in recent weeks following a win over NTC and a cup win over Fulham last week. Star player Chrissy Panagaris has gotten her confidence back after netting some quality goals in recent weeks and will look to net some past the Comets defence this Saturday Night!

Metro United WFC line-up: 2. Ebony Kyriacou, 8. Chrissy Panagaris, 9. Roxann Dodd, 10. Eleanor Bills, 12. Rochelle Kuhar, 14. Donna Cockayne, 15. Mirella Scalzi, 16. Hunter Strudwick, 17. Stella Rigon (C), 18. Isabella Scalzi, 24. Annie Green, 27. Amber-May Smith, 29. Jessica Signoriello, 55. Olivia Bunge, 81. Michaela Hadaj, 87. Zoe Hammond

Coaches: Antonio Scalzi, Brenton Ellul

Team Staff: Elizabeth Mcgrath, Terry Kyriacou, Andreas Zacharia

Adelaide Comets line-up: 1. Tessa Touchette (GK), 2. Vanja Todorovic, 3. Hannah Wall, 4. Georgia Johnson (C), 7. Elise Garlick, 9. Victoria Mansueto, 10. Charlotte Meszaros, 11. Emma Wiltshire, 14. Rachel Hampton, 16. Sarah Chappel, 23. Caitlin Stalker, 24. Mariah Aplin, 31. Rosie Coleman (GK), 42. Izabella Palmero, 47. Courtney Dowling, 49. Georgie Nicola

Coaches: Tony Mansueto, Arthur Skrembos, Yves Norrito, Alex Savva

Team Staff: Jeanette Chappel, Steffan Bastians, James Frantzis



Adelaide City FC vs Fulham United
Venue: VALO Football Centre
Date: 28/06/2019 08:15 PM

Adelaide City enters tonight’s fixture after a nail-biting 2-0 cup win over Metro United reserves last weekend, while Fulham was knocked out by Metro United seniors. Adelaide City continues their outstanding form in 2019 with only 2 losses. They have already beaten Fulham twice this year, running out 8-0 and 7-0 winners.

Fulham, however, has had a great last few rounds having won 3 of their last 5 games, including wins against Adelaide Uni and Metro United. John Ebbs has worked some magic in recent weeks and will not be throwing tonight’s game to waste and will look to give City their 3rd loss of the season. a win for Fulham tonight might be seen as shock of the year, however, Fulham will look to give their confidence a big boost ahead of their weekend in Renmark next week!

Adelaide City FC line-up: 1. Kendall Jenner (GK), 2. Alicia Nickolas, 3. Matilda Mcnamara, 4. Daniela Di Bartolo, 5. Alyce Macauley, 6. Nora Peat, 7. Isabel Hodgson, 8. Dylan Holmes, 10. Chelsie Dawber, 12. Georgia Campagnale, 13. Alison Atkins, 15. Bianca Gray, 16. Isobel Dahlen-Flight, 17. Tiarn Powell (C), 19. Daphne Mcleod, 33. Nanako Sasaki, 40. Yuka Sasaki, 45. Claudia Jenkins (GK)

Coaches: Andrew Calderbank, Mitchell Daly, Brian Gale

Team Staff: Seymour Di Bartolo, Rachael Jaensch, Frank Coghlan

Fulham United line-up: Sarah Mills, Micaela Quinn, Dalyce Jenner, Konstantina Theodorakos (GK), Lauren Ferretti, 4. Natasha Vella, 5. Jenna Mccormick, 6. Josephine Trimboli, 7. Jessica Fulford, 10. Amielia Ebbs, 11. Sarah Hunt, 13. Hannah Jenkin, 14. Laura Niejalke, 16. Caitlin Le Roux, 19. Zoe J Turner-Davey, 21. Jessica Benzi

Coaches: John Ebbs, Ayoub Hassine, Valentino Esposito

Team Staff: Jessica Nagel, Dean Spurling, Antony Tedesco



Adelaide University vs Salisbury Inter
Venue: West Beach Parks Football Centre
Date: 28/06/2019 08:00 PM

Adelaide Uni has only beaten Salisbury once out of their last 5 encounters, with Inter showing that they love a match against Uni. Adelaide Uni has the youngest squad in the WNPL (outside NTC) with the average age of 21.5 years. A young squad will be out with force to show Inter why they too deserve a finals spot.

Salisbury Inter continues a good season under the helm of Tracey Jenkins, with the club looking towards a maiden final birth this year. A win tonight will be a great result for Inter who will then be 12 points clear from 5th spot and secure 3rd spot for another week. A win tonight for Inter will almost make the club start planning for finals in August and not a holiday as they have for the past two seasons.

Adelaide University line-up: 1. Evelyn Goldsmith (GK), 2. Elle Pirintzis, 3. Elysha Magor, 4. Gemma Macfarlane, 10. Georgia Iannella, 11. Laura Johns (C), 12. Georgia Box, 13. Mabel Day, 14. Pirrie Weeks, 15. Velvet Klass, 17. Natalie Hayman, 19. Deva Kljajic, 22. Elyse Moon, 23. Alysia Panagakos, 30. Mawa Sumaoro, 37. Chloe Craig

Coaches: Kosta Jaric, Andrej Djakovic, Mark Bosio, Hayley Truskewycz

Team Staff: Giorgio Profiris, Thiago Pinheiro, Alice Gorman

Salisbury Inter line-up: 1. Sian Mclaren (GK), 2. Melanie Comyns, 5. Esther M Heywood-smith, 6. Chantelle Ryder (C), 8. Nicole Calder, 10. Emily Condon, 11. Nicola Frazzetto, 14. Jasmine Hurst, 15. Sarah Taylor, 17. Romy Franceschilli, 19. Lilly Rydon, 20. Erin Hood, 25. Sinead Parobiec, 26. Courtney Mitchell, 30. Sofia Tipouikidis, 32. Hannah Toomey

Coaches: Tracey Jenkins, Darran King, Brad Donovan, Phil Hallard

Team Staff: Tamara Simeoni, Kim Hood