WNPLSA Round 2 - Preview

WNPLSA Round 2 - Preview

FFSA NTC  vs West Adelaide
Venue: VALO Football Centre 
Date: 15/03/2019 08:15 PM

West Adelaide
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FFSA NTC will be coming out wanting redemption after the loss to West Adelaide in the Mitise Pre-Season Cup late last month. NTC had a disappointing Round 1 going down 6-1 to defending champions Adelaide City, whilst West Adelaide ran 4-1 winners over last seasons survivors Fulham United. With New coaches for both squads, we can expect a different encounter to when they played each other last season, with new tactical styles of play being used by both coaches. This is not a match to miss this Friday Night.

FFSA NTC  line-up: 1. Erin Murphy (GK), 2. Zoe Tolland, 3. Michaela Belmonte, 6. Ella Tonkin, 7. Talia Bilardo, 8. Gabriella Demarco, 9. Nikki Henkens, 11. Lara Kirkby, 15. Sarah Branford, 16. Kira Glinz, 17. Lily Di Cola, 19. Ellie Sparrow, 20. Abbey Burns, 22. Inana Toovey, 23. Emilia Murray, 24. Abby Middleton
Coaches: Michele Lastella, Mark Lobianco
Team Staff: Sharee Mcnamara, Airton Andrioli, Steven Chapman

West Adelaide line-up: 2. Elena Psaroulis (C), 4. Abby Touchette, 5. Christie Hillyer, 8. Georgia Macri, 10. Chrissa Pavlomanolakos, 12. Nicole Tilley, 13. Maddie DuRieu, 15. Anna Pritchard, 17. Dragana Kljajic, 18. Izabel Czechowicz (GK), 19. Mina Nishitani, 22. Alexandra Ladas, 25. Matika Hilliard-Faulkner, 28. Siena Covino, 29. Nenita Burgess, 76. Zafiro Papanikitas
Coaches: Adrian Santrac, Christina Papageorgiou, Paul Giannaras, Eric Sialas
Team Staff: Julie Ocego-Kingsley, Carla Magnera, Vasilios Pantelis

Adelaide Comets vs Metro United WFC
Venue: Jack Smith Park
Date: 16/03/2019 07:30 PM

Metro United
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Who will have bragging rights in the Scalzi household this weekend? Tony Scalzi comes off a tough first game against Adelaide Uni which ended in a 2-2 draw. The nerves will be higher this Saturday Night when he comes up against his daughter Alexia who is a key defender for the Comets. Newly promoted Comets will be out to show the WNPL why they are here to stay and belong in the league. The first NPL/WNPL doubleheader of the season is set to be a delight down at Jack Smith Park. This match also marks the first time these two clubs have faced each other at Premier Women’s level!

Adelaide Comets line-up: 4. Georgia Johnson (C), 7. Elise Garlick, 8. Alexia Scalzi, 9. Victoria Mansueto, 11. Emma Wiltshire, 12. Abbey Flight, 14. Rachel Hampton, 16. Sarah Chappel, 18. Aurianne Warley, 20. Aidene Parr, 21. Tessa Touchette (GK), 23. Caitlin Stalker, 26. Julia Paneras, 27. Eloise Steer, 31. Rosie Coleman (GK), 38. Jasmine Styles
Coaches: Tony Mansueto, Jim Tsialafos, Arthur Skrembos, Alex Savva
Team Staff: Jeanette Chappel, Steffan Bastians, James Frantzis

Metro United WFC line-up: 2. Ebony Kyriacou, 6. Laura Stockdale, 7. Millie Scott, 8. Chrissy Panagaris, 10. Eleanor Bills, 11. Lauren Steer, 12. Rochelle Kuhar, 13. Vanessa Reed, 14. Donna Cockayne, 16. Hunter Strudwick (GK), 17. Stella Rigon (C), 18. Isabella Scalzi, 23. Kristy Moore, 24. Annie Green, 29. Jessica Signoriello, 55. Olivia Bunge
Coaches: Antonio Scalzi, Brenton Ellul
Team Staff: Elizabeth Mcgrath, Andreas Zacharia

Fulham United vs Adelaide City FC
Venue: West Beach Parks Football Centre
Date: 15/03/2019 08:00 PM

Fulham United
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Fulham United although had a 4-1 loss last week against West Adelaide, showed that they have improved immensely from 2018. Fulham having the toughest draw of the league, having West Adelaide and Adelaide City in the opening rounds will be out to prove that they can fight for a higher finish than 7th this season. Adelaide City stunned the league in Round 1 with a 6-1 victory over FFSA NTC will be out to score goals galore this Friday Night and set the bar early for the 2019 WNPL season. New Adelaide City Coach, Andrew Calderbank was impressed with his side in Round 1 and expects nothing less in Round 2.

Fulham United line-up: Konstantina Theodorakos, 1. Matilda Comley (GK), 2. Micaela Quinn, 4. Natasha Vella (C), 6. Josephine Trimboli, 8. Harriet Burnett, 9. Monique Varricchio, 10. Amielia Ebbs, 11. Sarah Hunt, 14. Laura Niejalke, 15. Sharni Tansell, 16. Caitlin Le Roux, 18. Jessica Nagel, 19. Zoe J Turner-Davey, 21. Jessica Benzi, 26. Lillian Bills
Coaches: John Ebbs, Ayoub Hassine, Antony Tedesco, Valentino Esposito
Team Staff: Angelina Comley, Dean Spurling

Adelaide City FC line-up: 1. Kendall Jenner (GK), 2. Alicia Nickolas, 4. Daniela Di Bartolo, 5. Alyce Macauley, 6. Nora Peat, 8. Dylan Holmes, 12. Georgia Campagnale, 13. Alison Atkins, 15. Bianca Gray, 16. Isobel Dahlen-Flight, 17. Tiarn Powell (C), 19. Daphne Mcleod, 20. Alisa Iino, 25. Emily Gale, 33. Nanako Sasaki
Coaches: Andrew Calderbank, Mitchell Daly, Brian Gale
Team Staff: Seymour Di Bartolo, Corrie Abbey

Salisbury Inter vs Adelaide University
Venue: VALO Football Centre 
Date: 15/03/2019 06:15 PM

Adelaide University
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Adelaide Uni has had a late change in their line-up with Goal Keeper Evelyn Goldsmith being called up to the Young Matildas. Coming off a strong 2-2 draw with reigning premiers, Uni will be putting their full support behind debutant Goal Keeper, Natalie Hayman, who has the pressure of ensuring Salisbury Inter star recruit Emily Condon doesn’t score. Salisbury Inter scored their first points of the season last week against Adelaide Comets with new recruits Emily Condon (Adelaide United) and Lilly Rydon (Cumberland United) securing the 2-0 win. Does Inter coach Tracey Jenkins have some insight into her old club Adelaide Uni which will help her score the 3 points tonight? Be sure to get to VALO to find out!

Salisbury Inter line-up: 1. Sian Mclaren (GK), 2. Melanie Comyns, 3. Hannah Custance, 5. Esther M Heywood-smith, 6. Chantelle Ryder (C), 8. Nicole Calder, 10. Emily Condon, 11. Nicola Frazzetto, 12. Kelsey Trussler, 14. Jasmine Hurst, 15. Sarah Taylor, 17. Romy Franceschilli, 19. Lilly Rydon, 20. Erin Hood, 22. Olivia Comini, 25. Sinead Parobiec
Coaches: Tracey Jenkins, Tamika Jones, Darran King, Phil Hallard
Team Staff: Tamara Simeoni, Michael Robinson, Daniela Marlitsis

Adelaide University line-up: 2. Elle Pirintzis, 3. Elysha Magor, 4. Gemma Macfarlane, 7. Mia Lundquist, 8. Meleri Mullan, 9. Valeria Guajardo, 10. Georgia Iannella, 11. Laura Johns (C), 12. Georgia Box, 13. Mabel Day, 14. Pirrie Weeks, 16. Milano Venter, 17. Natalie Hayman (GK), 18. Alexandra Windell, 19. Deva Kljajic, 21. Daisy Allen, 26. Georgina Toome
Coaches: Kosta Jaric, Andrej Djakovic, Mark Bosio, Hayley Truskewycz
Team Staff: Giorgio Profiris, Thiago dos Santos, Alice Gorman, Alex Macdonald