Sports TG Electronic Team Sheet Procedure

Prior to being able to use the electronic team sheets, you need to gain access to the Sports TG database. To gain access you need to complete the following steps:


  1. Register for a Sports TG Passport by clicking here - Passport Registration
  2. Ensure you confirm your account via the link emailed to you from Sports TG and then advise your club of the email address linked to your account.
  3. Your Club will then notify you via email when your access has been processed and access is then available to Sports TG.


Once your access has been approved you are ready to use the electronic team sheet. To access and complete the electronic team sheet follow these basic steps;

1.    Log into Sports TG via   

2.    Search and find the match that you require a team sheet for.

3.    Select the players for your team. To select a player click on the green plus button or to remove a player click on the red minus button. A maximum of 23 players can be added to each team sheet.

4.    Add the player’s playing shirt number if known. If a player wears the same shirt number each week you can set their default number by clicking on the tools icon.

5.    Click save.

6.    Click on ‘FFSA Single’ Team sheet.

7.    Print Team Sheet.


Prior to providing the team sheet to the Match Official, the following steps are to be completed;

1.    Complete any blank sections of the team sheet. This may include shirt numbers if not known prior to printing and adding team officials and ground stewards.

2.    Highlight the starting 11 and substitutes. This is completed by ticking the starting 11 box and

crossing the substitutes box.

3.    Cross off players that are not taking part in the match and/or make any manual amendments 

* Please note only 16 players are to be listed on the final team sheet

4.    Submit the completed team sheet to match official 30 minutes prior to kick off.


At the completion of the game the following steps are to be completed;

1.    The team manager is to check the completed team sheet once it has been completed by the match official.

2.    Any injuries that occurred during the match should be included on the team sheet.

3.    Once it is checked and accurate, the team manager is to sign the team sheet verifying it is correct.

4.    The team manager is to take a photo/screenshot of the completed team sheet for their records.

5. For results entry procedure please refer to the competition-specific quick guides below;


Team Sheet Procedures