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Non-Attendance of a Match Official

  • Where possible Football SA will appoint a Referee to all fixtures.
  • If a Referee is not appointed to a game, the Football SA will, where possible, notify all clubs prior to the fixture being played.
  • Where possible a Referee will be appointed to all U15JPL, U16JPL and U17JPL games. In the absence of an appointed referee, if both teams are in agreement, the game can be played with the appointment of a club referee. Where both teams are not in agreement the game is not to proceed.  The preference is always for the game to be played. If both teams agree to play the game and the game is completed, the result will stand unless Football SA determine that a breach to a rule has occurred.
  • If an appointed Referee does not attend the match, both clubs must inform Football SA within 48 hours of the scheduled fixture.
  • In the absence of an appointed Referee, the two teams shall undertake the following process:
    • Prior to all games, Football SA will, where possible, notify all clubs via e-mail of the games that will not receive an appointed Referee.
    • Where a Referee is not appointed, the home team will appoint a Club Referee.  A team has no right to request the match be postponed due to the appointment of a Club Referee.  Any team who refuses to take the field of play shall be deemed to have committed a breach of Rule 30 page 18 of the Football South Australia Competition Rules and Regulations.
    • If a club referee is appointed, they must ensure that both teams have completed a team sheet.
    • The club referee must ensure that they receive the team sheets from both teams prior to the commencement of the game. No game should proceed until the team sheets have been provided.
    • The club referee has the same decision making capacity as an officially appointed referee. This means that they can enforce cautions, send-offs and submit any reports regarding team and/or spectator behaviour.
    • On completion of the game, the club referee must ensure that the team sheet is completed by including, where required:
      • Goal scorers
      • Cautions and red cards
      • Player injuries
      • Player Votes (Where applicable)
  • The home team is responsible for gaining the team sheets from the referee and forwarding them to Football SA within 48 hours.
  • A club that has a grievance or complaint following a game where there has been no appointed match official must submit a report to the Football SA within 48 hours.